The Designated Driver

Nikki is a Party Girl. She's fresh out of college living in California having the time of her life! Talia the less daring of the two, she's her bestfriend and when she's had enough to drink, she's the designated driver. When they run into the famous Liam Payne and Niall Horan of One Direction will there be sparks? Or is a hook up strictly a hook up?


3. Mystery Boy (Nikki's POV)

I walk out to the dance floor still choosing my dance partner. I see a tall boy in the corner he doesn't really act like like he wants to be here. I make it my job to make him want to be here. From what I can tell, He's really cute not having the blonde surfer locks I usually go for but hishair was cut short and he had deep eyes and a weird but adorable birthmark on his neck.He reminded me of someone famous maybe he was famous. Was it Taylor Launtner? No, I thought Taylor was more tan with black hair. Justin Bieber? No, he's to tall to be Justin Bieber. Maybe a mix of the two? Wait, Talia used to joke about someone being a Bieber-Launtner love child. I knew exactly who he was, my celebrity crush since I was fifteen Liam Payne. I try not to make it too obvious I knew who he was being drunk, that's not even possible.

"Are you Liam?" I say shyly geez, I haven't been this shy since highschool

"Yes I very well am" he says smiling "Would you care to dance?"

"I'd love to" Oh My GOD I'm dancing with Liam Payne!

We danced to a couple songs and I was getting kind of tired so we sat at a table.

"You a great dancer are you a professonal or what?" he laughs

"Yep, I'm a professional at grinding but normal daning I suck at" I say

He gets this weird look on his face furrowing his bushy eyebrows and pouting with his massive lips.

"Well, This has been nice but I'm Niall's driver I can't leave without him." He says

I see two blury people that look a lot like Talia and Niall leaving the club. Liam turns to look at me.

"I guess Niall's got a ride then" he laughs "A ride home and he'll probably get another ride if you know what I mean"

"Liam!" I fake gasp "You are supposed to be innocent!" I laugh

"Innocent... I perfer sensible" he says

"Like Talia will have that!" I laugh "She's still a virgin at 22, He ain't getting a ride!"

"Niall tends to get what he wants" Liam says "Unless she's really difficullt"

"Talia is difficult, she doesn't dance, drink or take anyone home. She's kinda a party pooper"

"Well, Niall is in for it when they get to her place" he laughs

"Speaking of,  You Wanna take me home?" I say a bit too forward

"I'd love to" he winks with that we exit the club.



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