The Designated Driver

Nikki is a Party Girl. She's fresh out of college living in California having the time of her life! Talia the less daring of the two, she's her bestfriend and when she's had enough to drink, she's the designated driver. When they run into the famous Liam Payne and Niall Horan of One Direction will there be sparks? Or is a hook up strictly a hook up?


4. Irish you hadn't

I wake up in my bed maybe it was all a dream. Maybe we didn't hook up last night and maybe just maybe I'm still a virgin. I rub my neck and it hurts alot. I look in the mirror and see a giant bruise a hickey."And maybe it wasn't"I whispered to myself sure enough on the other side of the bed there he was snoring. Shit, I thought this was all a dream and that I'd wake up and I'd be in my warm bed alone. I decide to let him sleep but he wakes up on his own.

"Hey babe thanks for a fun night so do I need to pay you anything or?" he laughs

"I'm not a prostitute" I say offended

"Well sorry" he says "geez someone is grouchy take a joke babe"

"Do you want breakfast or are you just going to leave?" I say

"Mhmmmm What are ya making?" he says excited sitting down at the table yep, he's not going anywhere.

"Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes whatever" I say pulling out a skillet.

"Mhm cooks, good in bed learn to take a joke and you could be my girlfriend dear"

"I can take a joke" I say "I'm not one of those serious people" I say

"Well you can't take my jokes for some reason"

"Well the whore joke was a little out there. It offended me"

"Gotta learn to take banter babe" he says "I didn't mean it" he says hugging me burying his face in my neck in the process

"Good to know you didn't mean it" I say

"Um babe, I'm gonna need your number you know next time you wanna have some more fun" he winks

I brush off the comment and I type my name as Horan's whore. He looks at the name and immediately errupts in laughter.

"So much for not being a whore" he laughs "Wow, cute,funny, and Oh my God you can cook! I think I'll keep ya around for awhile" he says heading for the door not before he places his lips on mine and then to my neck giving me yet another love bite as he calls them.

I wince at the slight pain afterwords rubbing my neck looking over the new bruise. I can't help but be charmed by him. He seems like an okay guy after all. He might even have feelings for me. Oh no, I'm falling for a player. He probably says that to all his girls. I'm not any different.






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