The Designated Driver

Nikki is a Party Girl. She's fresh out of college living in California having the time of her life! Talia the less daring of the two, she's her bestfriend and when she's had enough to drink, she's the designated driver. When they run into the famous Liam Payne and Niall Horan of One Direction will there be sparks? Or is a hook up strictly a hook up?


8. Date Night (Nikki's POV)

"Liam win me a bear!" I say enthusiastically

"Sure thing love, wait what happened to dinner and a movie like we planned?"

"We just saw this and kinda winged it!" Liam confesses

"Well it was a great idea!" I'm having a great time!"

"That's great so how about that bear?"

"Go for it, wait muscle check" I wink feeling his large bicep.

He picks up the hammer and swings it all manly like and sure enough the weight shifts to the top and the bell rings declaring Liam the winner.

"here's for the lady" he says handing me a pink sparkly bear

"I'm gonna name her Sparkle!" I say causing Liam to errupt in laughter

"That's a peculiar name"  he laughs

"well, she's sparkly!" I say

"Liam, I wanna go on a boat ride" I say I've always wanted to.

"maybe a quick one" he says handing the guy a ticket for a boat ride through a tunnel.

We get in the boat and I imediately feel the water left over hitting my butt. The look of discomfort spreading across my face.

"what's wrong love?"

"it's nothing really"

"aren't you having a good time?"

"yeah it's just embarassing"

"what do I turn you on or something?" he laughs

"My butt is wet"

"what?" he says laughing

"There was left over water on the seat, and now my butt is wet"

"That's fine love" he laughs "you can tell me anything no matter how embarassing" he says

"Glad you had a good laugh about it, it's not that funny" I say

"Lets say we go somewhere else, this is obviously uncomfortable"

"We can't just leave the boat till-oh it's over" I laugh

"Let's say the ferris wheel" Liam suggests

"Heights" Is all I had to say for him to get the message

"Come on I'll protect you"

"oh alright"

We get up to about a forth of the ferris wheel and it comes to a stop.

"What if we were stuck up here!" I say trying not to panic

"We won't be but in the mean time" Liam says meeting my lips

"Oh look Love birds" Niall and Talia whistle

"Oh shut up guys"

"looks like we're her awhile" Talia shouts from the top

"yeah looks like it"

"what should we do to pass the time?" I look at Liam

"Continue what we we're doing"

Niall and Talia continue whistling to tease us,





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