Unknown trechorys

Ashley and her Parents are constantly moving. They never seem to tell her why though,,, One day Ashley meets a boy who will change her life forever!


6. waiting troubles

A-N: Is any one actually reading this??

Harrys POV

Its been three hours. Nthings come in about Ashley or Louis. Me and the other boys are in a hospital waiting room. I feel really light headded. I can barley focus. But all i know it Ashley is out there and she's most likely hurt. How old is she again? ihh believe she's 18... "Harry?,  Harry?.... HARRY?! HARRY! HARRY!" I hea people screaming my name. But i cant get any words to come out and respond. The head ache i have is getting heavier and heavier. I feel the room start to sway.

     My vision is really blurry, and i cant focus on anyhting. And before I know it i'm falling face first to the ground. But, just before i hit the ground, Niall catches me and brings me over towards this man. My vision is still blurry, so i cant see who he is. But Niall and the man are talking. Then Niall hands me over to him. And he takes me into a room and lays me down. He is doing all this wierd stuff with machines. And before I know it i slip into the black abyss that we call sleep.

Nialls POV

"This is taking a long time." i whisper to Liam. He just simply nods his head and taps his foot. Such a strange man. I grab a sandwich out of my food bag. (I brought it just in case we'd have to wait here a long time/ we do) Harry starts mumbling things. Then swaying in his seat. He stands up. As if h's trying to go somewhere.

     I get up and stand next to him. "Harry" I say. He opens his mouth to respond, but stays mute. So i continue to say his name "Harry, HARRY!?" he begins to tip over so i shout his name. "HARRY!! HARRY!!" then he falls, straight over. I manage to catch him just before he hits the ground. I help him over to the nearest doctor. "excuse me,sir. But my friend here" I say gesturing towards Harry. "He hit his head earlier, And now he, well he can barely function." He looks at me. Then at a confused Harry. "How long ago did this happen And how hard did he hit his head" He asks me. I think for a moment before saying, "Er... about five hours ago, and i asume pretty hrd. But i was asleep when it happened." He nods his head and begins to walk away. But before he oes i say "Could you put him in a room with his best friend, Louis William Tomlinson?" I ask. He simply nods his head and walks away, With a tumbling harry at his side.

     I sit down next to liam. "What was all that?" he asks not really seeming to care. Bu i get tounge tied and can't talk. I suddenly feel a litle dizzy. And before I know it I too and falling face first. But no one catches ma, and i pass out.


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