Unknown trechorys

Ashley and her Parents are constantly moving. They never seem to tell her why though,,, One day Ashley meets a boy who will change her life forever!


1. The beggginning

Ashleys POV

          "MUM I'M HOME!" i yell. I graduated school last month. This will make it a lot easier to move around. Oh ya... Thats the thing about me... My parents make us move around every six months or so. We always have i guess... No one will tell me why. I have no other family. Right now i live in Californya. I'm actually from England though... So thats why if you ever talk to me i have an English accent. "Ok sweetie" my mom yells back at me. I walk into my room. We will probably be moving in about a month or two. I'm actually trying to figure out a way to save enough money so i can stop leaving with my mum and dad. I just really hope that it's ok with them. My mom walks into my room. She says "Ash can you run down the street and grab me some diet soda?" I sigh and decide to go. As I'm walking down the street I just tune out the gossip on the street by putting headphones in. I reach the store and get my mum what she asked me for. I was about half way back to my house when I bumped into a guy. He had a mess of curls on his head. I quickly mumble that im sorry and try to walk away. But he grabs my arm and says "Love, it's fine. I shoud have been watching where i was walking." I slightly grin and say "No it's fine really! But are you ok?" he fiddles with his fingers before saying "I will be, If i can get your number..." I feel my cheeks blush as i say "Of course! Can i see your phone?" He places his phone in my hand. I put my number in and text myself. "Text me" I say before walking away.


          I hand my mom her soda and go to my room. About 5 minuites later i get a text from the curly monster i met earlier. it read

*Hey babe love if i could get to know you better, I'm Harry if you didn't know* I smile at my phone and decide to call him


 Harry: Hello?

Me: Hey Harry

Harry: Whats up love?

Me: Nothing... But I feel like I've seen your face some where before

Harry: You might have, I happen to be in a band

Me: really?! Awesome!! wait... ONE DIRECTION! thats what its called...

Harry: It took you that long?...

Me: sorry, I move a lot so i never really have time to obsess about hot boy bands or anything

Harry: Want to meet up some time?

Me: yes! you busy tomorrow?

Harry: I have a sound check if thats what you mean... But i can meet you at your place aroung noon time tomorrow if you like?

Me: Sounds great! I'll text you the adress bye!


          I lay on my bed, I even fall asleep (To be fair it was almost nine o'clock at night) By the time I wake up its almost 9AM. HOLY SHIT! I SLEPT TWELVE HOURS?!?!?!?! i run to the bathroom and decide to take a shower. I get out and look at my wrists. Yep scars are still pretty noticeable. So I throw on Black skinny jeans, A blue tanktop and a white sweatshirt. Then I straighten My dark brown hair. I put in my contacts and go down stairs. I walk into the bathroom and apply makeup. I put one concealer, foundation, Eyeliner, Eye shadow, Lipstick, and of course Mascara. I know it may seem like a lot but I've always been unsure about my looks and weight. So when i started cutting (at the age of 14) It didn't help. I only started because of how bad the teasing was at that school. I was only there for lke i said six months but, That can end up being a long time. Before i know it I feel a knock at my door. I open it to see Harry.


          "Hi Harry!" i say and hug him. "Sorry" I blurt out He smiles and says "It's fine love, Hows you day been?" I look up at him and realize that he's a lot taller then I am. "Uh I- its been good so far... But how about you?" He chuckles and we go sit on the couch. He tells me that sound check is boring and that It really doesn't matter.  And before long Harry tells me he has to go. It was going to be a while before my parents got home so I just decide to do the things i usually do when I'm alone.


Harrys POV

I left Ashly's house because the boys were starting to wonder where I was. As the limo pulled up i realized I had forgotten My cellphone in the kitchen. I open the door to her house expecting to see just an empty kitchen. But insted I see Ashly with tears rolling down her face. There is a blade in her hand and blood on her wrist. I gasp and she looks at me totaly suprised.


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