Unknown trechorys

Ashley and her Parents are constantly moving. They never seem to tell her why though,,, One day Ashley meets a boy who will change her life forever!


5. Hurting

Harry's POV

          I wake up to Niall, Zayn, and Liam shaking me. I sit up and rub the bump on my head suddenly thinking of Ashley. my ash. That's when i noticed Louis freaking out on the couch with something wrapped tightly around his leg, although it seemed to be bleeding through. "Is some one going to call 911 for Louis or should I?!!" I ask fumbling into the kitchen. "well what do we do about Ashley being gone?" Niall asked. I noticed Zayn in the back round calling an ambulance. Louis who was still awake was crying and clutching his leg. i walk over to him and say "Whats Marc's last name?!" i actually half shouted it at him. Between gasps he managed to say "I-I-It's S-S-Spear" Marc Spear.

=======================1 hour later ==========================

when the police arrived, I mentioned his name to them. Louis was being stretched away and after they left i sulked on the couch. Fuck. what am i going to do?!


Ashley's POV


          As i come too, I feel my head pound. I soon become aware of my surroundings. My hands are tied and as are my legs. there seems to be duct tape over me mouth.shit. I'm huddled in a corner as Marc walks in. "Hello beautiful, Glad you awoke. now, GET UP!" he shouted. I shake my head no. But that was a mistake because i soon saw his fist, flying straight at me. It hits me before the pain, straight across my face. Tears flow down my face. he responds with "now.. GET UP" But the pain is too much so I just sob. his foot then comes in contact with my stomach 3 or 4 times. I can see his face soften after he does that. "I'll make us dinner" He says like nothing happened. Rude. I use my teeth to undo the ropes to my wrists. But just as i do that he comes in. so i keep the rope there to look like i'm tied up. "I'll feed you some soup baby" he says to me with kind words. I shake my head no. for all i know he may have put drugs in the damn thing. "Yes" he said getting angrier. I again shake my head no. That's when he loses his temper. picking me up and throwing me back against the wall. he throws a punch to my face. then lets me slide to the floor. he goes to kick my stomach but i move and he gets my arm, two or three times. i feel a vase break over my head as i slip into the dark once again.

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