Unknown trechorys

Ashley and her Parents are constantly moving. They never seem to tell her why though,,, One day Ashley meets a boy who will change her life forever!


4. found me

Ashley's POV

Louis and I stare at each other. "Ummm do I know you from some where?" Louis asks me shyly. I look up at him and nod my head yes. Then I say "Yes Louis you do," He stares at my face trying to remember just who I am. "Ummm Louis, do you still hang around with Marc?" I ask feeling very nervous. He looks shocked as he remembers who I am. "Actually yes, But not usually, Ashley I haven't seen you in years! since.... You.... and then Marc was... and he... then when you left he followed you." I look at him and feel my eyes get watery "PLEASE, don't tell him you've found me! Or that you know where I am!" I plead. He looks at me and chuckles. "Of coarse I wouldn't do that." He says Grinning. I start to relax and he says "Harry would probably kill me before I could" Then I notice that the other boys are staring at me. Even Harry. "Oh... UH... Hi boys?" I say shyly. They all wave and walk down stairs. I'm left with Louis and Harry to keep me company. We just chat and enjoy the night. Then i get a text from my mum saying that she needs me home before lunch tomorrow. I respond with an OK  and say "Is it OK if i'm home by lunch tomorrow?" They both look at me and nod. Then we head down stairs. All the guys wanted to watch a movie. "TOY STORY" Liam shouts sitting down. "NO LIAM NOT AGAIN!!!" Niall yells back at him. "How about Wreck It Ralph " I say shyly. Harry responds with 'Great Idea Ash" Ash? Hmmm must be my pet name... I wonder if he likes me... I wonder If he feels like I do, Because I think that I might be falling for the curly haired player. that's not a good thing... We sit and watch the movie. About half way through it we hear a knock on the door. "Wonder who it is at five in the afternoon..." Zayn says. We all get up and go to the door. But not even I could have seen this coming, We opened the door to see Marc with a crazy smile and a knife in his hand. "WHERE IS ASHLEY?!?!?!" he screams. He blows two punches to the head. and Niall and Harry fall to the floor.  Then he Kicks Liam and Zayn where no man should get kicked. "Louis old friend... Keeping this girl all for yourself?!" he yells before putting the knife in louis's leg. Before I know it I'm being hauled out the door. Marc had me over his shoulder. I start screaming for help, but he bashes my head against the wall to shut me up. This is all i know to happen, as i slip into the darkness...

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