Unknown trechorys

Ashley and her Parents are constantly moving. They never seem to tell her why though,,, One day Ashley meets a boy who will change her life forever!


3. An ex boyfriend

Harry's POV

When I wake Up The Driver Is Telling Me That We Are Here.. I Snuck Ashley Into The House. None of the boys noticed her. We went up to my room and she sat on the bed. We notice the wind blowing outside. and I stare into her eyes. Those are probably the most lovely eyes I have ever seen. I wonder though, What was troubling her so bad that she would resort to... you know.. And i wonder if she thinks about me like I think about her... This is all running through my head when she says, "Harry I have a bad past..." I look at her in shock. And nod my head

Ashley's POV

I Sit on Harry's bed. This is lovely, He is lovely! A superstar... Loved by millions. But I'm just another one of them, He would never fall for me. He couldn't. Not with whats happened to me in the past. Since I move so much i like to fool around. I'm not talking sex or anything but... I lead boys on and then drop em dead. But the last time I did that's when I made the mistake. I was living in Doncaster. He had cheated on me and I was furious so i went up and slapped him across the face. And I snogged his best friend, I think his name was... Louis?. But all that was a while ago... Before the whole One direction thing. He told me that I would pay... That some how he would find me. Some way he would get me back. Then he abused me for the remaining two months i was there. But, It's all cool now... I'm all over it. But this could danger people. Every now and then I get a text from him saying he's watching me. Following me from place to place, creepy. But whats even creepier was that one night i woke up and saw a tall figure in my room. staring at me with evil eyes. "Harry I have a bad past..." I say with out thinking. He nods his head and says "How so?" I tell him all about my abusive ex boyfriend Marc. And he gets up and leaves the room. I sit there. A few minutes later He brings in four boys. One of them looks vaguely familiar... Then I notice it... LOUIS! MARC"S FRIEND THAT I SNOGGED!!! oh no!!!!!

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