Unknown trechorys

Ashley and her Parents are constantly moving. They never seem to tell her why though,,, One day Ashley meets a boy who will change her life forever!


2. a new found feeling

Harry's POV

I look at her. We are both completely lost in the moment. But I decide to say "ASHLEY!!" I look at her puzzled. She puts down her blade and puts her sweatshirt on. "Ashley, we both know I saw..." I say. She sits down on the floor and starts to cry again. I look at her and feel some kind of pain in  my stomache. Was I actually falling for her? This wasn't Like me... I usually get the girls in bed and leave. I know It's shallow but once you got the reputation its not that easy to get rid of. "Ashley why did you do that?" I say in a strong calm voice. Even though all I wanna do Is scream. "I-I-I Just... I-It's s-s-so hard!" she stutters through her sobs. "What's so hard?" I question her. "EVERYTHING!!" She screams. This just makes her sob even more. Alright... I need to figure out whats goin on. "Do you wanna tell me?" I say to her keeping our eyes locked. She nods her head yes and I say "How about you write a note to your parents and Stay at my place for the night.  She nods her head again and gets up to write the note. It read:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I made an awesome new friend today and am staying the night at their house. I have my phone and you can call me if you have any other questions. I'll be back tomorrow.

Love, Ashley

We walk to the Limo and she cuddles up next to me. I feel her fall asleep on my shoulder. Before i know it my eyes are getting heavy as well. And i slip into the world of dreams and dream about Ashley.


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