Wrong Boy

Devin moves to a new school and a new state. But things change when she falls for a boy....


1. Morning


     I woke up to the sun shining through my curtains in early August. I got up and took a hot shower to wake up. I began my dressing mission that was always a problem. Finally, i decided on an orange t-shirt with my gray sweatpants and my orange combers and a dark green tote bag. i picked up my light brown hair into a crazy bun and but some foundation under my crystal blue eyes to cover some spots. i raced downstairs, grabbed an apple, and headed to the mall. i had move to California only a month ago so i didn't know many stores but i was familiar with some shops. i entered the first teen store for new-to-school shopping for 10th grade. i bought colorful jeans and lots of cartoon t-shirts and a tropical blue hoodie that was on sale. I also bought a cute Captain America tote bag and some other school supplies. As i walked around the mall to look around, i bumped into a boy and fell down backwards. i sat up and tried to process what had just happened. i saw a tan-ish boy with honey brown eyes and black shaggy hair sitting across from me. i picked up my bags and began to feel nervous. "i'm so sorry" i said to the boy with a shaky voice. "no no, its fine. it was my fault" he replied while scratching the back of his head. i helped him with his bags and bumped heads with him. we both began to giggle a bit. i looked into his beautiful brown eyes and then walked away. when i got home, the only thing that went through my head was the image of the boy from the mall. why was i thinking so much about this kid? i mean, i had just me- no i don't even know his name. i laughed at my foolishness and went to sleep.

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