Wrong Boy

Devin moves to a new school and a new state. But things change when she falls for a boy....


2. First Day of School


      Beep! Beep! i rolled around on my bed to try to turn off the alarm clock, but fell off the bed. i groaned in pain and got up. i went downstairs to eat breakfast. "morning sweetie" my dad said in a cheery way. "morning" i mumbled as i walked to the fridge to get some food. 'woke up on the wrong side of the bed" he asked. "more like fell off the wrong side of the bed" i replied as i sat down. he gave a light chuckle and i finished my bowl of cereal. i raced upstairs and went to my wardrobe to pick out my outfit for the first day of school. i decided on my black marvel t-shirt with some red skinny jeans and my black combers. i let my long brown curls lose and put on some natural makeup. i got my bag, hoodie, and ran downstairs to catch up with the bus.

    when i got to Rochester High, i felt like everyone was staring at me and it felt good. i went straight to the office to get my keys to my locker and my schedule. i stook some books into my locker and stood there using my iPhone. when the early bell rang, i went to my 1st period, math. i entered the class and went towards my teacher, Mrs. Stigley. "whats your name dear" she asked me softly. " Devin Moraine" i replied and took the last seat. my first class went well and i got many friends in two hours. my 3rd period was drama and i was expecting things to be neat. When i gave Mr. Rivas, my teacher, my name, i went to look for a seat . i scanned the room when i locked eyes with a boy...

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