When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


2. The Party

 After class me and Lisanne went shopping. "Lisanne, what kind of dress are you thinking of?" I asked her. "Oh something a bit sexy, I want to impress Niall" I could have expected this answer since in class she kept saying how cute Niall was. "You?" she asked. "I haven't got a clue, there isn't really anyone I want to impress but I want to look nice though" I was lying, there was someone I wanted to impress, he had been on my mind all day, Harry. "Hahahah okay I'll help you find something" she said. I think she knew that I actually did want to impress someone after seeing the clothing items she had picked out for me. She had 3 dresses for herself to fit and 2 for me, and I had one for myself to fit because I couldn't really find anything. We went into the changing room. I decided that I'd try my own choice first, I had chosen a red skater dress with a black belt, it was a bit simple but I've always loved this design but never tried it on. After I did, I wasn't really happy, my cup DD didn't quite fit and it felt like they were put in a tube. I heard Lisanne yel "I'm ready!" and so I went outside to look in the mirror. Lisanne was wearing this cute little black dress which had lace all over the top and a short and floaty bottom. I could see in her face she wasn't pleased and neither was I so after a few funny comments we went back inside. I got the second dress out which was a black skin tight dress with an open back. I tried it on, it was a lot better but I felt so fat in this since I was a curvy girl. me and Lisanne got out again and she wore a navy blue skin tight dress with an almost open back, it made an X and she looked stunning. With the right amount of skin showing to look hot and not be a whore she'd totally win Niall over. "This is the one" She said. "I am going to try the last one on" I said. She changed and put her clothes back on as I grabbed the last one, it looked amazing, it was green the same color as my favorite wedges, and it matched my eyes. It was short but showed of my long legs, and it had a V neckline and a green belt just under my boobs. The bottom was loose and floaty which I loved. This was the one.


As I was getting ready I felt nervous, I had no clue why but I was. I had just finished my make up and hair when Lisanne walked in. "Can you zip me up? oh I am so nervous! This lad does something to me I don't even know , he is already coming in half an hour I just" and she ranted on about how nervous and excited she was and how she wanted him. After I had put my own dress and wedges on, we had 15 minutes left so I checked my phone, nothing. I went downstairs and put the TV on as Lisanne was still running throught the appartment to finish her look and to get her purse. Just one minute before time the doorbell rang. Lisanne ran  to her room and yelled "I am not done yet keep him busy! No flirting though!" I went to the door and opened it. "Hello" Niall said. "Hi come in! Lisanne is almost done, you can sit down if you want?" "Thanks but I'll stand" he said. After  a few seconds Lisanne walked in and was looking amazing, I think Niall noticed since his jaw dropped. After a big hug and some rather flirty comments we walked to the silver car. I sat in the backseat checking my phone and I felt kind of awkward, but I kept quiet and gave them their moment. Within 5 minutes we we're at Harry's. Niall rang the doorbell, it was spring so it wasn't too cold outside. The doorwas opened by a brown haired guy with blue eyes. "Hi Niall! I see you've brought some ladies!" "Hello Louis, this is Lisanne and this is Po" Niall said "girls, this is Louis." "Nice to meet you" Lisanne and I said. We walked inside finding about 40 people in this appartment which was about the size of mine and Lisanne's and ours wasn't big. Immediatly I lost Lisanne, Louis and Niall, I stood there alone. After I grabbed a drink a deep voice was behind me. "You look amazing" he said. I turned around and saw Harry's green eyes scanning my entire body. "H-hi, thankyou" I said. He smiled and said "Are you enjoying yourself?" I wasn't going to say no, that would be rude so I said "Well I just got here" he laughed and we took a seat "So tell me who are you?" "Well I am just a girl, who loves reading and acting, singing and a lot more, I am part greek and happy, what else do you want to know?" "I'd like to know if you're single" Okay he was definatly flirting, and I liked it. "Yes I am" "That's great dear, can I have your number?" We exchanged number and after that he seemed like he was in a rush "Oh an.. uhm a friend of mine just walked in so I'll talk to you later okay?" "Kay" I said and he left. The rest of the night he spend no attention to me, just to other girls who he also exchanged numbers with and with some even kisses, was he not flirting with me? I was dissapointed but who would like me? I talked to a couple of people that evening but I wasn't really having the time of my life so I left alone, Lisanne would be there for a while, and I had been there for about 3 hours and it was enough. I said goodbye and left, as I left I heard Harry shouting a goodbye and I shouted a goodbye back. I had hoped so much more of this night.

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