When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


3. The morning after

The next morning I woke up at twelve after a good sleep. As soon as I saw my dress laying on the floor I remembered the party of last night and.. the dissapointment. I quickly shook the feeling off and was happy since I had no hangover! I put on a pyjama bottom and an over sized shirt and walked to the kitchen. When I walked in the first thing I saw was Lisanne lying on the couch sleeping. I decided not to bother her and just made my coffee and grabbed a bagel. When I was eating the bagel and waiting for my coffee Lisanne woke up (probably from the noise that the coffee machine made). "Goodmorning sunshine" I said. She however did have a hangover so I made her something so she wouldn't throw up. When she had put some decent clothes on and she sat at the table eating she finally spoke. "Oh I had so much fun last night! It was a blast!" I smiled because I could not say the same, she continued "Niall was such a gentleman and he makes me laugh and he's a good kisser! Oh and the other people who were there were so nice, I've really made some new friends. Hey I saw that you were talking to Harry how did that go?" "Well, it went great, we even exchanged numbers but then he suddenly had to go and I saw him flirting with a lot of girls and kiss a lot of girls. I think he's a bit of a player." I honestly said. "Harry? A player? No way" she said surprised. "Well if you think he's not you're going to have to convince me" I said but she left that subject for what it was. I hope she won't text Niall about it, I really hope she won't. "How late did you come in last night?" I asked her. "Not that late, around 5" she said after that I heard my phone buzz, I must have received a text, but from who? I grabbed my phone and guess who. "It's Harry isn't it?" Lisanne said. "He really fancies you" and I read the text:

From Harry: "Hey lovely , too bad you left so early yesterday. Maybe we can get back that lost time today? x"

I didn't know what to reply, I still had this stupid little thing for him but I knew he was a player. I looked at Lisanne who was not here anymore, I heard her calling in her room and decided to wait and ask for her advice. When she got out the look on her face spoke a million words. "You've talked to Niall, haven't you" "Yes I have" she said smiling. "What did you say?" I asked. "Uhmmm nothing" and from how she said that I knew it was something. "Lisanne, what?" "That's none of your business" "Did you say anything about me?" She looked away "Well........ yes" "Lisanne! What did you say?!" "Alright Alright! I might have slipped that you thought Harry was a player but you think he's cute..." she knows me too well. "LISANNE WHY" "I DON'T KNOW IT JUST SLIPPED OKAY" Great now Harry would think I am some evil monster, I wanted to stay friends with him though but I was not sure about that. "Oh and one more thing" she said "we're going to hang out with them today, at 2 am, and Harry is coming" Oh no this will be the most awkward thing in history what was about to happen. "Okay Lisanne" I said kind of annoyed. "Are you mad?" she asked. "No"I said "I can't be mad at you. Now what are we going to do so I can pick out the clothes." "We are going to the park so nothing too fancy" "Thanks I'll pick something out" and with that I went to my room. I texted Harry

To Harry: "That had already been taking care of, see you at 2 x"

And with that I changed clothes and prepared myself to go to the park.

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