When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


10. The Boat with lights

The next morning I woke up at 12 am. I had to hurry because Harry was coming in about an hour. I quickly jumped out of bed and took a quick shower, I brushed my teeth and walked to my closet to grab a simple red bikini, a towel and some sunscreen and the basic beach stuff and put them in a bag. I left the bikini to the side. After I had brushed my teeth I but the bikini on and on top of it I put some white shorts and a baggy blue/green T-shirt, the color of the sea, which is my favorite color. I put some make-up and hair care products, underwear and a floaty white dress in another bag. I put some waterproof mascara on and took a look in the mirror. I looked fine, at least better than how I normally looked. Harry was in my head the whole time and I wish he wasn't because I knew that when I was going to see him I would lose all common sense. 

Someone knocked at the door, knowing it was Harry I grabbed my bags and said goodbye to Lisanne after having breakfast, I was going to meet her anyway tonight. I opened the door seeing Harry standing there in a white tank top and green swim pants  "Hey, let me help you carry those" he said and he took my bags and gave me a sneaky kiss on my cheek. "Hi, thank you but I can carry one myself as well" "No need" . We got in his car and drove off. He put the radio on full volume and we started singing along again. With in 2 songs we arrived at a beach, as I had expected. I was kind of nervous about being in a bikini because I didn't have the greatest shape, but then again, I started losing a bit of weight recently so I am at least better than I used to be. We walked to a spot with sun and shadow, the beach was completely empty, besides a boat at the coast in the distance. He immediately got his shirt of and I just watched those abs, now I was even more nervous to show my jelly belly. "You're turn" he said. I first put of my shorts, he'd already seen my legs anyway. Then it was my shirts turn, I took it off and Harry came closer. He whispered "Po, you've got a great body, don't be so insecure about it" he looked into my eyes smiled and suddenly picked me up, princess style. "Harry what are you doing?" I asked laughing, the nerves had gone. "WATER ATTACK!" he shouted and with me in his hands he ran to the sea as fast as he could. He ran in and took  me with him under water so we were all soaked. "Harry! That was so cold!" I said still laughing. "Well, here's some more" and he started throwing water at me. I threw some back and we had a major water fight. He ran to me and stopped right in front of me after 10 minutes of chasing , he grabbed my tights and said "Now I've got you" he kissed me, I got all warm despite the cold water. When he stopped I did something I didn't think I would ever do. I looked into his eyes, grabbed his face and kissed him again. He put my legs around his waist and whilst kissing we walked out. He put me down on a blanket and wrapped my towel around me. "That was fun" I said and I smiled. "Yeah" he said. It must have been getting pretty late, I looked at my phone and it was 5 pm already. Harry changed behind a tree and I changed in his car using the mirror to fix my face a little bit, luckily he had darkened windows I thought to myself. I got out finding Harry locking his car. "What are we going to do?" I asked. "Going for a walk" he said.

We were walking with our feet touching the water and suddenly I saw a million lights go on on the boat we'd seen earlier. "Beautiful boat huh?" I said. "Yeahh...." he said hiding something. As we were getting closer suddenly we heard a voice "You finally made it? What took you guys so long?!" It was Liam who was holding his girlfriend Danielle. "Yeah we were swimming, did you guys eat already?" Harry yelled back. "No we were waiting for you guys, Niall got a bit naggy though but Lisanne fixed that." "Harry, did you guys do this for us?" I asked still flabbergasted by the boat. "Yes , I thought you might like it" he smiled and gave me a kiss. We got on that boat and got seated right away by Niall who was really hungry, so we immediately started to have dinner. Harry was holding my leg under the table but I didn't mind. We chatted a bit and when we were down we went to the other side of the boat, the huge, huge boat. There was a little fake fire pit, but it was cute. Niall played his guitar and suddenly he stopped and have it to Harry. Harry started playing and turned to me, he was playing Clarity by Zedd but in his own version. He was serenading it to me. When we was done I kissed him, there was a lot of kissing going on tonight. Niall played on and I was laying on Harry's chest around the fire pit. From the long but fun day and the warmth of Harry, and the music I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was being placed in Harry's car. "Hey sleepy" he said. "Hey, did you carry me all the way up here?" I asked. "Yes, but we have to get you home in some way, I don't want to come off like a player who has regular sleepovers" he joked. I laughed. He got to his side and drove away. "What time is it?" I asked "It's 3 am" he said. "Got kind of late, but Harry, I had a great time today" I said. He pulled in the driveway , we were already there. He walked to the door with me and just before he opened it he said "Po, I want you to know, I really, really like you, I think I am even falling in love and I just can't hold it in anymore" he looked at me with his green eyes and I said "I feel exactly the same" he kissed me and I opened the door and got in the house. I couldn't believe what just happened. 


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