When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


19. Pillow town

The next midday I had gotten a text from Michael and I was meeting him in a small cafe named "Pillow town" it was a colorful place which made me happy instantly and the seats were pillows but it was still kind of cool and modern and funky. I immediately saw Michael sitting and walked towards him. "Hey Po!" he stood up and gave me a hug. "Hey" I said. We sat down "This place is incredibly cute, I'd love to work here" I said. "They were searching for people last week, maybe they still are, you can ask them." " I will think about it, but did you get home safe last night?"  "Of course! I just called a taxi, no one bothered me when I had left the house, what about you?" "I was safe but not really feeling good to be honest but forget it" I said as the waiter came, it was a guy in a pink suit, like every other employee, before he asked for our order he walked to Michael and they kissed "Po this is my boyfriend Tony" "Hello Tony" "Nice to meet you Po, what do you guys want?" "Yeah what do you want Po?" asked Michael. "Surprise me" "Okay Tony, give us two blue candy milkshakes and an application form so Po can get a job here." "I'll do that" Tony said and he walked away. "What did you do?" I said laughing and making a face palm.  "Well I am delivering you a job" he said and he got serious again "but what happened last night?" And I told him a short version of everything that happened after he left. "Wow, Harry doesn't sound like someone you should be hanging out with.." "He is really not like that, just when he is drunk and hangs out with , you know, the wrong people" "If you say so.." he said and my phone rang, I saw that it was Harry , quickly showed Michael and walked to the bathroom as I picked up the phone. "Po I am so sorry, I know I hurt you and I am so sorry I wasn't thinking clearly, I even passed out after you left and it wasn't right how I acted and I won't do it again but I just don't want to lose you because I just love you so much and I won't be able to handle losing you pleas Po forgive me" I heard him ramble as I could also hear the tears were streaming down his face, just like mine were. "I don't want to do this over the phone" I said "come to my house at 5" I said and hung up the phone. I sat down for a while and let the tears stream not knowing what to do. I stood up , fixed my face and returned as  saw Tony putting our drinks down."I'd rather don't talk about it" I quickly said and he smiled and nodded. We filled in the form and I said goodbye to Michael and Tony and headed home.

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