When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


18. Meeting Michael

I was on my way to Harry, I had texted him about coming but suddenly I received a text. 

"No you can't come now I am sorry, I'll explain later, come to a party tonight I'll give you the address x Harry"

I turned around and walked back, a bit disappointed. When I got back Lisanne was still asleep and I decided to do some cleaning, Lisanne didn't wake up until 1 pm and we had lunch together. I went to get some groceries and when I got back I finished cleaning the house and cooked for Lisanne and me. I felt like a real house wife today. After dinner I decided to get dressed, Lisanne wasn't joining me because she was meeting up with another friend. I went to my room and opened my window first, there was no trouble dressing in my room with an open window since another building was right in front of it, I could basically touch it but the only thing I needed was the fresh air. I deeply inhaled and looked in the mirror. I seemed smaller, maybe thinner. At least it looked like that. I went in search of this cute green dress which I used to wear all the time when I was thinner. I found it somewhere in the back, it had a V neck and was a bit of a darker green shade, it matched my eyes. I tried it on and came to the surprise that it fitted. I was stoked and got a pair of black pumps out to match the dress. Some accessorizes and the outfit itself was done. Now I had to fix my face, I again needed no foundation but just used some bronzer to contour. I put on this moisturizing lip gloss because I didn't want any colour on my lips. For the eyes I played a bit with eye shadow and added some fake lashes. When I was totally finished I looked back in the mirror at the other side of my room, I looked okay. I got out of my room and heard the doorbell, the taxi had arrived. I quickly said goodbye to Lisanne and left.

In the taxi I was nervous, maybe Harry changed his mind and didn't want me to come, maybe the taxi driver will kidnap me, maybe I'll get into a car accident, maybe maybe maybe. I arrived in front of the house Harry had given me the address from. It was huge, a beautiful front garden and I could see they had a pretty back yard as well. The house was a villa, I went to the door finding two bleached blonde girls whispering and giving me mean looks, I was about to ring the bell when one girl, who was wearing pink started talking to me. "What are you doing here? Who are you?" "Oh Uhm, I am Po and I was invited" I said feeling awkward. The other girl who was wearing white , said "Who would invite you?" and they both laughed. I turned red "Well, Harry invited me" I said. Their faces suddenly went all serious and looked shocked. "Harry Styles?" one asked. I nodded. "Well, fine , good luck with that, the door is open by the way" the girl in white said in a bit of a bitchy tone. I mumbled a goodbye and quickly opened the door and got in. The first thing I saw was this Indian guy wrapped in duck tape and taped against the wall, there was tape over his mouth and he tried to say something so I pulled it off. He didn't even scream but looked in pain, he whispered "They taped me here, can you pleas help me?" he had puppy eyes and looked so helpless. I immediately started to get off the tape and found a little nail scissor in my purse and got the tape off with that as well. Eventually he stood in front of me in his underwear , he wasn't very attractive in my opinion but he seemed nice "Thank you" he said and he shaked my hand "I am Michael, what's your name?" "I am Po, who did this to you?" "Just some guys and Jack, the guy who lives here. I though I was helping them with their study, stupid. But you don't seem like one of those bitchy girls around here, how did you come here?" "I was invited by Harry" "Oh one of the 'better' guys, he didn't do anything, he didn't help the boys who did this to me but he didn't help me either, I guess he's trying to impress them" "Maybe" I said quietly thinking about how Harry had not even helped him. "I should go" he said. "No don't go! You seem like one of the only fun people here and after all we still have to find your clothes" He laughed and we agreed that he went to the bathroom and I went looking for his clothes. I walked into the room and immediately saw a guy coming at me , he was drunk "Who are you?" "I am Po" "Hello I am Jack, I don't know you, this is my house, do you want to make out?" "No thank you" I said as he was already getting closer "Where is Harry?" "Ohh he invited you! He was already talking about having invited someone, he is sitting on the couch" "thank you" I said and quickly got away from him. I walked to the couch and found Harry sitting there with an African American friend and a bunch of girls just like the ones I saw outside. I got jealous, I could see he was putting his charms in the conversations but left it. I walked towards him and stood in front of me , he looked up and smiled when he saw me "Po, you came!" he got up and gave me a long kiss, I could taste the alcohol. "Nice to see you too, hey have you seen some clothes from Michael, he was taped to the wall in the hallway." He ran off without saying anything leaving me with the girls and his friend who were all staring at me "Hi" I said quietly smiling. They didn't reply, I awkwardly checked my phone, it was 2 am. Harry got back with a bunch of clothes and I said "I'll be back soon, thanks for the flowers by the way" He smiled and let go of my hand. I quickly ran to the bathroom and gave Michael his clothes "You are an angel thank you!" He almost shouted out. While he was dressing and I was waiting outside a small note slipped out under the door "My address and number and stuff" he said, I added it in my phone and texted him so he had mine. He came out looking a bit fresher and less taped up. "Well, we need to hang out, but not tonight, I am going to grab some food and leave" he said. "We do and I am sorry they did that to you, I'll see you soon okay?" We said good bye and as I walked downstairs suddenly a guy stops in front of the stairs and asks "You are the girl Harry brought right?" he seemed drunk as well, basically everyone was drunk, besides me. I nodded and he smiled and lifted me up, I let out a small scream and drew the attention of everyone in the room we were currently in. I asked what he was doing but he was quiet. He put me in a room and left, it was quiet, suddenly Harry gets thrown in as well. And someone shouts "The condoms are in the box under the bed" Harry wasn't even thinking clearly, he was stumbling to the bed and pulled me with him. "Harry not now" "Come on Po" "No Harry" I said as I tried to push him away, it went a lot easier because he lost a lot of his strength because of the drinking. As I had pushed him away I stood up and said "Oh come on Po, don't be like that, just come here and have sex with me" I said nothing and walked to the door, it was closed, I saw a room and underneath it was a fence, I could climb. I opened the window and Harry got up "Where are you going?" "Home" I said as I climbed down whilst Harry was staring at me. I walked back home, thinking about what had just happened, I couldn't help but let a teardrop fall down my cheek.  

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