When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


6. First date

We we're driving for a while now and I still had no idea what we were about to do. We we're just listening to the radio and making small talk. "Are we almost there?" I asked. "Yes" he said. After about 5 minutes we stopped at a small cosy restaurant that was called 'Red Mist' which I found strange, especially since there were curtains in front of the window so I couldn't see anything inside. "We're here, are you ready?" he asked. "Oh, yeah, I guess" I said and he got out of the car, ran to my side and opened the door for me, which surprised me for a moment. I got out and it was pretty cold outside, the weather was becoming colder and it seemed like it could rain any minute so we quickly went inside the restaurant. As we walked in Harry was standing protectively besides me and I couldn't believe my eyes. The only light in the room was all red, it wasn't empty but not too crowded either. The chairs we're black leather and the table was black as well and on the floor was a small layer of mist.  I understood the name now. It felt kind of weird, the music that was playing was Ed Sheeran-Kiss me. I actually liked this place. We took a seat and really soon a waitress came. She had brown eyes and black curly hair, she was pretty tall and really skinny but also had some curves, she was really pretty and as soon as Harry saw her I seemed to disappear. "Hey Harry, you're looking sexy" she said and winked. They obviously knew each other. "Hey Sarah, you're looking stunning as well" he said and smiled. They we're just flirting while I was sitting here I couldn't believe what I saw! Though I had expected this from Harry, I still had a bit of hope that I was wrong. Harry soon realized that I was sitting here and he re-adjusted himself "Uhm Sarah, this is Po, my date" he said. "Oh hi" she said not caring. "Harry what can I get you and... her?" I felt insulted. "We'll check the menu first and I want some Pepsi  Po what do you want?" he asked. "Water" I said. "Okay here are the menu's and I'll get you your drinks." she said and walked away. "Not a player huh?" I said which was pretty cheeky of me. "Oh yeah I am so sorry she's just an old friend ,and I am not a player" he said and laughed, but I just couldn't laugh about it, I faked a smile. When the waitress returned he didn't even look at her, which surprised me, was he doing this for me? He ordered a steak with a small salad and fries, I ordered lasagna. "Po, are you mad at me?" he said after the waitress left. "No why would I be mad at you?" I lied  I wasn't like angry mad but I just was annoyed and he saw I was lying "I know you're lying, you're mad." I didn't say anything and after what seemed like forever he said "I am so sorry, pleas don't be mad at me"  I looked into his eyes and they looked so sad. I said truly meaning it "I forgive you" and smiled, he smiled as well. The food was really good and it went great afterwards though I couldn't get the idea of him being a player out of my head and I hated that. When we were done eating it was around 8'30 and he said "We have to go otherwise we'll miss the movie" "You've also got a movie planned?" I said surprised.  "Yes it's close to your house but we have to go now otherwise we'll miss it" So we left the amazing restaurant.

In about 20 minutes we were at the movie theater. Harry told me he'd get the tickets and I had to get some popcorn and Pepsi. He wouldn't tell me what movie we were going. As I took a seat in the theater next to Harry he moved away the handrail , I didn't understand why but I never use those so I left it the way it was. I sipped my drink as the lights went off. He looked at me and put on some 3D glasses out of the blue. So I now knew it was a 3D movie. He smiled seeing my surprised face, I smiled seeing his face, it was so perfect. No, you cannot fall for him, I told myself. The title of the movie came on it was a Horror movie called "The Bloody knife". A knife came at me and I screamed and everyone looked at me. I realized it wasn't real but it was the 3D effect. Harry chuckled. I wasn't afraid of normal horror or thriller movies, but I was when it was 3D. I watched the whole thing but I was half cuddling Harry, holding him tight and sometimes hiding behind him. His arm was wrapped around me but I didn't mind, I felt safe this way. When the movie was over me and Harry we're sat like this for about five minutes, I was in an after shock.

When we left I said: "You could have at least warned me" and he laughed. As we walked out of the theater it started to rain. He walked to his car but I said "Come and walk, I love to walk in the rain" he seemed surprised but walked with me. Ever since I was little I loved to just stand in my backyard when it rained.  We walked and he just made some silly jokes which made me laugh. Then he became serious and asked me "Have I convinced you of the fact that I am not a player?" "Not yet, I am sorry" I said genuinely feeling sorry for him. "It was the thing with the waitress wasn't it?" "Yes it was" "But did you have a good time anyway?" "Yes I did, the rest was amazing" I said and we walked through a park, my house was about 10 meters away now. We we're all wet and drowned in rain. "Well I guess this is the end" I said. "Yeah..." he said. He leaned over to me and kissed me. It was one of those perfect kisses in the rain that most girls only dreamed of. But at this moment it was happening to me. Harry kissed me. 

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