When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


15. Clubbing

That morning I woke Harry and we got dressed, we didn't talk much but we both had smiles on our faces. We went to school where I updated Lisanne again "But Po, I was thinking, Niall and I are going clubbing tonight, do you and Harry want to come with us?" "I'd love to come, I might have to check with Harry though but I think he would want to come as well" "Niall is already checking with Harry, oh and Louis is coming along as well I think with his girlfriend" "What was her name again?" "Eleanor, I think you'll like her" "Okay" "Would it be okay if they have dinner with us as well? And after that we can all get dressed? It is just an idea but I think it will be a good opportunity to meet Eleanor as well, I'll help you cook?" "You cooking? Hahaha I'll cook don't worry, and with me it's okay, just make sure everyone can come" And after that quick conversation we went to class. That day went by slowly but at the end I was glad it was over and went home to dress.

When I got home I started cooking, I thought it would be fun to cook something Greek. I had made some Tzatziki before so I put some bread in the oven and made a small salad as an appetizer. For the main meal I made souvlaki with some potato slices and another salad. For dessert I had made some Baklava. I loved cooking like this, I always felt like I was in another world when cooking, the smells of the food, the colours, everything. I was completely in trans when someone suddenly grabbed my waist while I was busy making the souvlaki. I smelled his deodorant and recognized it was Harry. "It's sexy when you're cooking like that" he left a small kiss in my neck. I turned around to give him a kiss and saw that everyone was there already. After a short kiss I said to Harry "If you can do me a favour, and make sure the table is ready, just put the plates and silverware on there and the appetizer" "Uhm, what is the appetizer?" I laughed "The bread, the small salad, and the Tzatziki, that's the white yogurt sauce" He put everything perfectly on the table and I screamed dinner. I quickly greeted Eleanor because I hadn't yet. Niall asked "Is this all the food?" "Niall, are you crazy, I am not going to let you starve! This is the appetizer" I said.  Louis looked at me like I was crazy "Po , how much have you made for us?" "Not that much actually, but you'll have enough" We all ate and everyone was totally full before I could even bring the baklava , but when I brought it they all ate it. "Your cooking skills are amazing Po!" Eleanor said. Louis and Niall agreed. Harry said "They are not amazing , they are extremely fantastic" we laughed and Lisanne said "I get to eat this every day guys, be jealous" And we laughed again. After everyone was done I cleaned the table and everyone got their stuff to dress. The boys would be dressing at Lisanne's room as she had had time to collect her stuff, me , Lisanne and Eleanor went to my room to dress. Eleanor had this skin tight blue navy dress which looked great, she looked flawless make up and everything. Lisanne was looking great as well, she was wearing a beige skin raffled dress which made her figure amazing and her make up and hair matched totally, and then there was me who couldn't choose. Eventually Eleanor did my make up and hair and Lisanne did my outfit and styling. I turned out having smokey eyes with red lips on a dark red dress with black heels. The Accessorizes were gold and my hair was curled. I looked in the mirror and barely recognized myself, I liked this. When we got out of the room the boys were waiting for us, Lisanne and Eleanor immediately walked to their boyfriends but I just stood there. Harry was scanning me with an open mouth that was smiling at the same time. Eventually he walked up to me, looked me in the eyes and said "You are incredibly beautiful, I am the luckiest boy alive because you are going with me tonight" I grabbed my jacket and we left. Harry gave me a piggy back to the taxi that we had ordered. 

We went to a club called 'Brain wash' , it looked amazing. The atmosphere was really good and the music that they were playing brought you in the vibe. I started with a cocktail which was the start of a lot of drinks and not only for me but for everyone accept Louis and Eleanor, they just took a little bit of drinks which we actually should have done. Harry invited me to dance, the music they were playing wasn't exactly for slow dancing but more like grinding, and just like that Harry was grinding against me. In the corner of my eye I could see Niall and Lisanne making out, my sight was a bit blurry so I couldn't see Louis and Eleanor. Suddenly Harry was gone behind me, I looked around but felt dizzy and had to sit down, I was way too drunk. I let myself fall on a couch that no one was sitting on, but soon an Asian guy came to sit next to me. He started talking but I could only hear half of what he was saying. Suddenly a hand came on my tight, I slapped him by instinct because I was luckily not drunk enough yet too not know what was going on. I stood up and almost fell and I could feel him getting up as well. He said "You are coming with me tonight and we are going to have a good time slut" and he grabbed my arms, I tried to get away and suddenly I heard a low familiar raspy voice from the side. "She is not going anywhere" Harry walked at him, he wasn't able to walk in a straight line but I could see that he was really angry. "What are you going to do about it?" said the guy who basically threw me back at the couch. "This" and I saw Harry hitting him. It turned out to be a fight and suddenly Eleanor grabbed me and got me outside, I didn't want to leave Harry but I was too drunk to be able to resist. Before I left I saw Louis giving the guy a good punch and while the guy was restoring Louis pulled Harry away. Lisanne and Niall were already outside and we left in a taxi.


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