When she fell in love with the curls

Pothiti is a girl who's a straight A student, very social and not ordinary. She isn't perfect in her own eyes but to a pair of green eyes she is perfect. What happens when Harry wants to win this girls heart but she thinks he's just a player? A Harry Styles Fanfiction


4. At the park

Me and Lisanne were on our way too the park. Lisanne was wearing jean shorts and a floral top with some pink ballerinas and I was wearing my jean shorts with an over sized white t-shirt , my converse shoes and some sunglasses. I was so nervous since Lisanne had told Niall that I thought Harry was a player, and I just knew Niall told Harry about it. I asked Lisanne "Can you pleas try not to leave me alone with Harry for too much, because I know Niall told him what I think about him and those moment will be so awkward!" "Well sure but can I have like 5 minutes alone with Niall?" she asked cheekily. "Yes why?" I knew why but I wanted to hear it from her mouth. "To maybe kiss and just come closer" "Hahaha, fine" I laughed. As we laughed we suddenly see Niall and Harry a couple meters in front of us. "HEYYY!" Lisanne screamed. here we go.

"Hey Lisanne!" Niall said and they kissed. "Hey Po" he said. "Hi Niall, Hi Harry" I said. Harry was looking at me and I felt really awkward. "Hello" he said. "So what are we going to do?" Lisanne asked. "We thought we could get some food and something to drink and Harry's got a blanket in his car so we can grab that one too sit on it." Niall said. "Seems fun" I said genuinely  happy. And then came the awkward side "We thought, that maybe, Niall and Lisanne can find food somewhere, because Niall has got a cooler and I've got one. And then you Po, and me could get the drinks and the blanket." Harry said. I had hoped that this wouldn't happen, I mean Harry is a sweet guy but he's a player and if he knew I said that.... but Lisanne immediately said yes, dying for some time alone with Niall, and I couldn't blame her, she had fallen for that guy, and she had fallen hard. "Fine" I said and smiled. With that we said goodbye and me and Harry went on the search for drinks. Harry kept carrying the cooler, which wasn't too big but I felt guilty not doing anything. When I asked if I could help he said "No need, I can carry it, I am strong" and he smiled. There was some tension and I hated it so I decided to try to break it. "So where are we going to get something to drink?" I asked. "I haven't got a clue hahaha, we have got cups though so that won't be a problem. But what do you want to drink?" he asked. "Maybe we can get some juice and coke and water?" "Great idea" he said. "Where can we get those?" "I don't know, is there a supermarket nearby or like a juice bar?" "Oh I see a supermarket there" and he pointed "let's go" And we went into the supermarket bought our drinks and headed back to Harry's car while talking about thinks like the weather and Niall and Lisanne.  "They are soo cute together though, and I think they will eventually become a couple" I said as Harry opened his car. "I think so too." he said. We chose a place under a tree to put the blanket and to picknick because it was really hot and if Niall and Lisanne arrived they could see us here. I grabbed my phone and saw I had a message from Lisanne. "Niall and Lisanne are on their way back, Lisanne says they will be here in about 5 or 10 minutes." I said. "Okay he said "but come and sit down" I went to sit but made sure to be half a meter away from him. He looked surprised but I saw he shook it away. "Do you want something to drink?" "Yes can I have some juice pleas? " "Sure" he said and he grabbed some juice. "So ehm, I don't really know how to approach this subject" he started, oh no it's coming, " but Niall told me that you think I am an, ehm, player. Is this correct?" "Do you want me to sugercoat things? " I asked as I felt guilty as hell because I do not like to be mean to people. "No tell me the ugly truth." "Well to be honest, yes I did, I do. I am sorry." I said. "Oh don't be sorry it's just an opion!" he said as he saw me struggling. "But I just want to know why" "It's just, at the party you were so nice to me and a lot of other girls and I saw you get their numbers and kiss a few and it's not like you're in a relationship but you did that with a lot of girls you know.... so that's why and again I am sorry I feel so guilty I don't like to be mean." he smiled "it's okay, I get why you're thinking that. Is there any way I can convince you that I am not though?" "I don't know how you can convince me, but you can try, I am stubborn though" at that he laughed and I knew it was kind of okay, not completely but kind of. And then he asked what I thought we would never do "Will you go out with me?" "uhm, yes sure" was my reply. After that Niall and Lisanne came. "Hello guys we've got cupcakes and Nandos and a lot more!" They went and sit down and we had a lovely brunch but I kept thinking about this date coming up.

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