Stop and Stare

16 year old Jasmine from Indiana seems like she has is all, the beauty, the two best friends a girl could ask for, and a solid B+ average. But what people don't see is the stress of it all, and what she is going though, and what she doesn't tell everyone. Some might question how there would be stress behind this almost perfect life. But what they don't know is the true feelings of Jasmine Renee Smith. All until she has a opportunity of a life time to meet her all time favorite band, One Direction. Will she end up meeting them when she thinks, or will she be miles away but fate gives her a second chance? If she ends up meeting them will she allow herself to like one, or fall for them all.


4. What Ruined it All

Jasmines P.O.V. I cant believe it! I actually get to meet One Direction!! I love them so much, and out of the thousands of girls who love them, I will be able to see them in concert and meet them! How can things get any better! Just as I was about to have the best afternoon ever I soon was accompanied by Ashley. "What are you smiling about? Is it because your friends actually want to talk to you?" She said with a giggle at the end, with her little group laughing. "No, now move out of my way." I said in a annoyed tone trying to walk out of the circle that was surrounding me with her little minions. I was trapped. In a circle with me and Ashley in it. Wonderful. "No. I am not going to let you out until you tell me why you are so happy." She was not going to let me out anytime soon unless I would tell her. She never wants me happy, it just makes her so mad for some reason. When she sees me happy, she always wants to know why, and most importantly how to take my happiness away. "Fine." I said just wanting to get out from her minions surrounding me and get home. "Well Bella, Rachael and I are going to the One Direction concert, and we have meet and greets." I said confidently, slightly rubbing it in her face with a grin. All she should give back to me was a surprised look. She and her clique could only have the minds in a state in which all teenage girls go through. Jealously. I chuckle a little and try to sneak out of the circle while I can. I slightly peek out but am interrupted by Ashley saying "Stop right there. I am not finished with you." And her clique quickly closing the circle with straight faces. I turn around grinning amused by the look she had on her face. "You wont be smiling after not being able to go." "Haha, what do you mean I don't get to go." "Well your gonna haft to give them to me." She said with a plan seeking into her head. At this moment I was sorta worried. "What do you mean?" "You know give them to me, your not going to be able to go if your grounded by your mommy." "But I am not grounded." "Oh but you will be. See Jasmine I have my ways to things, and I can make things happen." She says as she circles me, in which I already am surrounded in a circle. Its not like I can get out. "You wanna know the difference between you and me?" She leans closer and I flinch but she manages to whisper in my ear. "I can ask people do things for me and they do them." She pauses as she looks at me and smiles. "I don't think your perfect mom would like you to loose you perfect grades would she?" She says smirking. All I can do at this point is say "No. You wouldn't." "Oh, but I would. So when your mom finds out you are dramatically going from an a A+ to an F, she wont let you go. And we wouldn't want those precious tickets to go to waste would we?" I never thought such a human being could be this cruel and not be taken in by the devil himself and use them as a guide for his evil plans. But apparently there is, and this human being is standing right in front of me. And threating to take away my grades that I worked all semester for and throw them away. Yes I love One Direction with all my heart. But my grades this semester are my key to getting into at least a collage and have a career. "Fine." I say. Ashley looks at me like I have two heads. Then a moment later she snaps back to reality and looks amused. "Oh really? A deals a deal." "Erm..." WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT! Oh my gosh I just literally gave away my chance to meet/see them! What is wrong with me! Before I have a chance to speak she walks away satisfied with her clique. Finally I have some fresh air without chocking with the smell of bubble gum and fresh make up, so I check in to reality. All that I can do is stand there. Blank, like a piece of paper. I cant believe I just gave away my tickets. What will Bella and Rachael say?! We would actually get to meet the boys together just how we dreamed! But now stupid me had to ruin it all! What will my mom say?! She will find out that I have failed my classes! Not only have I lost my chance to meet my idols, I have lost my career with that. My chance to become someone, yes it is just a semester. But a semester is a whole lot of making up to do and I don't have time! Collages look at that! Why does my life suck? I walk with tears in my eyes, not knowing what to do except go home and cry into my pillow. As I walk out the school doors the parking lot is empty. No one is here. No one is here to pick me up. I am alone. Jeez I haven't realized how long it took for Ashley to talk to me. Damn it! Rachel was supposed to give me a ride! And I forgot to tell her! Looks like I am walking home, which is a full 30 minute walk. Great I have tears in my eyes, lost my tickets, and now failing my classes while walking 30 minutes to get home. All is domed. All is gone. All is done. Authors Note: Hi everyone! Sorry for the really late post, been really busy:/ But don't worry things will get better for Jasmine...Or will they? Exciting and dramatic things will be happening...Stay Tuned and find out! Thanks for over 50 views! It may not be a lot but it means so much to me that people actually read my fan fiction. (Especially cause its my first) But hope you all liked this chapter and enjoy the next to come! -Alaina.x
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