Stop and Stare

16 year old Jasmine from Indiana seems like she has is all, the beauty, the two best friends a girl could ask for, and a solid B+ average. But what people don't see is the stress of it all, and what she is going though, and what she doesn't tell everyone. Some might question how there would be stress behind this almost perfect life. But what they don't know is the true feelings of Jasmine Renee Smith. All until she has a opportunity of a life time to meet her all time favorite band, One Direction. Will she end up meeting them when she thinks, or will she be miles away but fate gives her a second chance? If she ends up meeting them will she allow herself to like one, or fall for them all.


2. The Joys of Monday Morning

Authors Note:

Hi everyone! I just want to apologize if the first chapter was boring or slow, don't worry there will be more drama coming up, just stay tuned!:) Could you please tell me some things I should work on, and even some things that you liked would be great. I just want to warn you that this chapter would have been 100% better but when I went to save and publish my computer shut down. So as I was writing this chapter it was just a faint version of my memory. Let me tell you that I was so mad, it was not a pretty sight. Like I said I am sorry if this is not a very good chapter. But I still hope you enjoy and vision it how I did with the original.x - Alaina

"Well here goes nothing." I say in a very annoyed tone, as my mom pulls up to the school entrance.

"Have a good day babe, did you want me to pick you up or are you going to ride home with Bella?" My mom said in a encouraging tone, knowing I didn't want to go to school today.

"I'll try, and I will have Bella take me home." I say as I climb out from the car and shut the door harder then intended to.

"Hey, I know you don't want to go to school and all, I understand." My mom says rolling down the window. Lie. No one understands, I mean NO ONE. "But just remember that you have me, Bella and Rachael to talk to." My mom says in a reassuring voice trying to help. I give her a faint smile and a nod to signal thank you and that she can go.

My mom does know about some of the things that go around school with me, but only SOME. So she fully doesn't understand, and ever since my dad left two summers ago I feel as if I can't talk to her as how she wants too. I used to always talk to my dad with things that go on. But ever since he left, my mom has been trying to get as close as dad was to me. But its just not the same and I was never as close with my mom as I was with my dad, and that still hasn't changed of course.

 Bella and Rachael, I know I should be able to tell them anything and everything, but I just cant. I don't know, I guess I am better off just keeping my feelings inside me and to myself.

My dads side of the family struggles with depression, including my dad. I always think every now and then if I have it. Because more and more it seems as if I have it and I don't know for a fact. But it all adds up and points right back to me and my attitude toward everything, and the environment that I am in causes most of the damage.

As I walk in the entrance of the school I am greeted by my favorite person in the world, Ashley is with her clique. Joy! Apparently me  thinking about if I have depression makes me look annoyed and sad (which it should but still). Because Ashley starts "AWH, is poor Jasmine sad?" in a babyish tone, making me even more annoyed with her clique giggling like its actually funny.

"No way! She can't possibly be sad living a perfect life!" One of Ashley's devilish friends named Jenna says in a sassy manor. Once again everyone blurts out a little giggle, but before everyone could finish Ashley pipes in once again.

"What happened? Did you break one of your perfect little nails, or are you worried about your History project getting an A and not an A+?" She says confidently and her whole little clique erupts laughing like a bunch of hyenas, and like it was the funniest thing they have heard in their entire life. Which clearly it was not.

First of all, I don't even get my nails done, at all. Secondly, yeah I get good grades but I am not a straight A student, I am a B+ average. What's so wrong with that?!

Not wanting to waste any more of my time I just roll my eyes and continue walking through the hall, as Ashley and her little clique laugh and smile like they have won a victory. I just keep on going because I know that this is only the morning of Monday, and it will all get worse throughout the day and the week. Life goes on and there is nothing I can do about it.


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