Stop and Stare

16 year old Jasmine from Indiana seems like she has is all, the beauty, the two best friends a girl could ask for, and a solid B+ average. But what people don't see is the stress of it all, and what she is going though, and what she doesn't tell everyone. Some might question how there would be stress behind this almost perfect life. But what they don't know is the true feelings of Jasmine Renee Smith. All until she has a opportunity of a life time to meet her all time favorite band, One Direction. Will she end up meeting them when she thinks, or will she be miles away but fate gives her a second chance? If she ends up meeting them will she allow herself to like one, or fall for them all.


11. Telling Mom

Jasmine's P.O.V.

Well I accomplished telling Rachael and Bella, and they took it well, now I have to tell my mom. This ought to be interesting. I mean, I guess I should just go right out and say everything straight forward. That's the easiest, maybe she will take it as well as Bella and Rachael.

I walk into the house and yell "Hey Mom, I'm homeee!"

"Hey Jaz, how was your-" she starts but I interrupt.

"Mom, I have to tell you something important, and it cant wait."

"Okay, did you get in trouble or something? Because if you did Jasmine then you will not being going to that One Direction concert, I hope you know that."

I stop and just laugh to myself. Well the tickets being taken away already happened so I don't know what she would do if she found out if I did get in trouble. Not like I really did. Except if you count losing your grades. But I probably shouldn't tell her all of this in one night, not such a good idea.

"Jasmine? Weren't you going to tell me something? You better not have gotten in trouble young lady." My mom says starting to get impatient and concerned.

I snap out of my thinking "No, no mom trust me I'm not in trouble. Its just... I don't know exactly how to say this but, I got my tickets taken away from me."

My mom froze. "You what?! What do you mean you got them taken away from you?"

"Well I got them taken away from someone. Trust me it was the only way. You have to believe me mom."

My mom just stood there for a minute soaking all this in, and looking slightly confused. She knew how much I loved One Direction, wanted tickets, and most importantly to meet them. But she did also know certain people where mean and she knew how much teenagers can persuade others. She just took a deep breath and just sighed. "I thought you really wanted those tickets sweet heart, why did you do this?"

I couldn't take it. She or anyone else had no idea what I was going though and I just couldn't tell them. It was too much and no one would understand. Tears just streamed down my face without me controlling them. My mom knew but she didn't at the same time. She can tell I go though hard times, but she doesn't know exactly what goes on.

She knows she doesn't have to say anymore, and she just holds me and I cry into her arms. All of my emotions and experiences flow out in my tears which are out of control.

It seems like hours go by and I just sob into her arms, she doesn't say anything but I am fine with that. I eventually stop and look up to her.

"Mom I'm sorry."

"Hun you shouldn't be saying sorry, its not your fault."

Oh but it is. I shouldn't have started with Ashley, if I hadn't this wouldn't be happening. I should have just ignored all of the words. I don't dare start to tell my mom all of this but just hug her again.

"But mom the girls and I have came up with a plan."

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Well I was still planning to go to the concert next week, but I would just buy tickets there from  one of those sales people outside the concert."

"No Jaz, those people are fake. You hear people being scammed all the time on the news. No, I don't want you to do that and lose your money."

"But mom there could be also people selling extra tickets, you hear people doing that all the time. Please just let me go. I told them if we cant find anyone then I will just go do something else around the city and they can go have fun."

My mom just stands there and debates in her head.

"Fine. But no complaining if you cant get in."

"YES! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" I scream out, and hug my mom. I thought I would never get to even be in the same city as them. This is great! I cant wait! Wait till I tell the girls! "I'm going to call and tell Bella and Rachael ok mom?" I say with an overload of excitement.

"Okay, but remember, your not for sure going to see them yet."

"Yes mom I know. I'm going to go call them now, thanks!" I say and race up the stairs to my room and get my phone out dialing their numbers as fast as my thumbs can go.

Well I told everyone, now to actually get the tickets is the real challenge.


Authors Note:

Hi guys! I'm backkkk! So sorry for the late reply, I really am. I just got sooo busy and everything, but now don't worry I will be updating as much as possible! The concert was amazing!! The boys live are unbelievable!! Ugh, it was just a day I will never forget. But back to the chapter. My bad for the boring chapter once again, I promised a good one, well that one is coming up... At least Jasmine will get to go! Haha drama coming up, what will Ashley think when she finds out she is still going... uh oh. Stay tuned my niglets:3 I dunno why I just called you that but I hope you don't mind. OVER 200 VIEWS THATS A LOT FOR ME, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just for that I'm writing another chapter today! Yay!:) Please comment it gives me motivation, without comments I may not write in this anymore. *gets 0 comments* BUT PLEASE COMMENT, LIKE, FAV, AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF. IF YOU WANT ME TO READ SOME OF YOUR FAN FICTIONS JUST COMMENT BELOW, ID BE HAPPY TO.

Love you-Alaina.xx

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