Stop and Stare

16 year old Jasmine from Indiana seems like she has is all, the beauty, the two best friends a girl could ask for, and a solid B+ average. But what people don't see is the stress of it all, and what she is going though, and what she doesn't tell everyone. Some might question how there would be stress behind this almost perfect life. But what they don't know is the true feelings of Jasmine Renee Smith. All until she has a opportunity of a life time to meet her all time favorite band, One Direction. Will she end up meeting them when she thinks, or will she be miles away but fate gives her a second chance? If she ends up meeting them will she allow herself to like one, or fall for them all.


1. My Life

Authors Note:

Hi Everyone! This my first ever fan fiction so I just want to apologize in advance if it is bad. But any way back to talking about the story. Well you know I have school and all that annoying stuff so I will try to update as much as possible, and I will try to write around my busy schedule. Well that should do it, I will leave just some random authors notes on the beginning and end of some chapters. (Hope you don't mind) Oh yeah just a little warning that there is going to be some swearing, but otherwise all is well. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy.x -Alaina


Jasmine's P.O.V

"JASMINEEEE, WAKE UPPPPPPP! BREAKFAST IS READYY!" Was the first thing I heard on a rainy but still yet nice Monday morning. From my  one and only embarrassing but nice (when she wants to be) mother.

"OKAY, COMING MOM!" Was all that I could push out from my tired body.

 We really don't haft to yell, our house has only two floors, on which we both were on the same level, so there really was no need for yelling. But that is how my mom finds is easiest, to yell at your 16 year old daughter to wake up every morning.

I slowly shuffle down the hall from my bedroom, not wanting to go to school for one reason really. To face all of the annoying people who attend my school. Really there is only one main reason I go to school anymore. To see my two best friends that any girl could ask for, Bella and Rachael. They have been with me through all my tough times and I could not thank them enough. I used to have more friends at the start of high school but people change and I have changed  dramatically through the years too.

You may ask why I don't like going to school, well there is a variety of reasons but to sum it up basically, all the cheerleaders hate me. Usually I don't fuss about what they or others think of me but sometimes it gets to you. From what I hear they are jealous of me (how? I don't know I still have to figure that out). Some say they hate me cause I am prettier then some of them (which I don't see), that I quit the squad (yes, I was a cheerleader at once, only for freshman year though and I was pretty good). Or that Ashley (the head cheerleader/ex best friend from freshman year) thinks I am a bitch for some "pretty good looking" guys liking me and I not liking them back. Which in my opinion is not my problem I don't want to date a class jock that is so stuck up with his little friends who creep on me. Some people think I am pretty, and I am liked a little but I don't know, I guess I am not liked by the right people who would actually have a heart and care about me, and not just want to get in bed with me. Harsh yes, but oh so true.

 There are many other reasons that I don't like to go to school but I just choose not to list them. I don't know though, I guess I am a very easy to hate to some people. Sometimes I even hate myself too.

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