Stop and Stare

16 year old Jasmine from Indiana seems like she has is all, the beauty, the two best friends a girl could ask for, and a solid B+ average. But what people don't see is the stress of it all, and what she is going though, and what she doesn't tell everyone. Some might question how there would be stress behind this almost perfect life. But what they don't know is the true feelings of Jasmine Renee Smith. All until she has a opportunity of a life time to meet her all time favorite band, One Direction. Will she end up meeting them when she thinks, or will she be miles away but fate gives her a second chance? If she ends up meeting them will she allow herself to like one, or fall for them all.


5. Finally Home

Jasmine's P.O.V I never thought one person could be so evil. Or even a person so stupid to agree with the evil person. Ugh, why does my life suck? Well at least I finally reached home after this long, miserable, day. I honestly don't even care about homework at this point, I just want to cry in my room with my face on my pillow and never come out. You know what? That actually sounds like a good idea. I could live in my room for the rest of my life and take classes over the computer. Then I don't have to worry about all the people that are annoying out in the world. Wow. Who am I kidding, that would never happen. It was tempting but could never happen. I should really snap back to reality. Okay I think I might just do homework to get my mind off everything. *********************************************************************************************************** "JASMINE!" "JASMINE?" "JASMINE ARE YOU HOME?!" I wake at the sound of yelling from the first floor, I quickly yell back to who I assume is my mom. "YEA I AM HOME!" WAIT. WHAT TIME IS IT? WHEN DID I FALL ASLEEP? WASNT I DOING HOMEWORK? WHAT EVEN FREAKIN DAY IS IT? I turn to my clock to the left of me. Its 8:00p.m. Shit. I slide my feet into my chest and hug them to me. I sit there and think, what am I going to do. I will have to tell Bella and Rachael they are going to have to go to the concert with the devil himself. And I still have to tell my mom that I basically sold my tickets and am now failing my classes without any reason. How did my life turn into such a big mess? I mean it was always a mess but now it is just all coming at once like a oncoming train. Well I might as well kill myself and not have to worry about this mess anymore. This option started floating around my mind for a long time. I just sit there and try to go though all the pro's and con's of doing it. I finally make my decision. It would just be the best to kill myself to get away from everything and stop all this madness. My mind floats in all different directions and floats to one particular memory. When my dad was still alive, my mom, dad, and I used to dance in the basement and do the funniest dances and slow dancing to crying together in a huddle from the beautiful messages of music. One particular day the song "Patience" by Guns N' Roses started playing. This was my mom and dad's favorite song. We immediately all started slow dancing, after the first 2 minutes my mom started crying. My dad asked what was wrong and she told him "The lyrics to this are so true, "'All we need is just a little patience"'. It just seems to be patient, is something everyone has forgotten about. Including me, I am sorry." She said with tears rolling down her cheek while looking at my dad and I. My dad immediately started hugging her. We all ended up in the middle of the basement floor crying and hugging each other like we were afraid to let go. That we were all going to disappear. Although this memory was quite sad, it was one of my favorite memories with my parents. Just thinking about this memory reminds me and teaches me something every time. Just be patient. That's all. Whenever I think of committing I always think of this memory and think "I just need to wait this out, that's all. To be patient and things will turn out better." But I have been thinking this for to long. I have been patient for to long it seems. I'm done. I'm done waiting. No point of waiting any longer, things wont get better, they haven't. So I guess this is it. I grab the scissors from my drawer, crying from just the thought of that precious memory. At least if I do this I will finally be with my dad again. I will be in a world where nothing is impossible. Where I am free, content, and forever at peace and have no worries. No worries of being bullied and no worries of looking for a future and getting my grades back up. No worries whatsoever, that sounds nice. I think this for the best, and is the best for me. I clutch the scissors and lower them to my wrist. A tear streams down my cheek and I lower them even closer to my skin. For what I am going to do is right. For me, for my career, and most importantly for everyone. Authors Note: Woah guys. This is emotional isn't it? Sucky ending? I think yes. Just kidding. Its not the ending, if that was the ending, heck I would be pissed at myself. Don't worry more to come;) I AM SOOOO SORRY. I haven't updated in like forever I know. But I hope you all understand that I was busy and all and I will work on updating faster. Just want to thank you for 99 views! (From when I updated it today) I really appreciate it! I just hope you all keep reading and don't hate me for these suspenseful endings. I am just worried if people stop reading if I end in a bad note, cause things haven't even started yet. Trust me. Tell your friends to read! Comment please it would mean soooo much! By the way check out the song "Patience" by Guns N' Roses, it is brilliant! I personally love it you should just listen to it cause it is just simply amazing. Love you all- Alaina.xx
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