Ups and downs

A lot of people have ups and downs in their life and one of them are 19 year old Ashley Higgins ( and no she's not Paul Higgens, aka one directions bodyguard's daughter). It all started at a party at Niall horan's, one of her 6 best friends party. Things get awkward. Heart get broken. Mysteries are folded. So come on and start reading to know what coming at Ashley in her future/life. Is it good? Or is it bad? Well I can't say but life does have its ups and downs.


4. The last 2 things

"I was just drinking Pepsi when I saw Harry and Kylie Kardashian making out then I felt like barfing... Cause you know I don't like them, so then I went to go to the bathroom but they were all being used so there was only one left and it was Niall's and you know how he doesn't even mind when I use his bathroom or go in his room with out asking right? Yeah then I walk in all I see is ms. Bitch and Nialler having sex then Niall looked at me angrily and glared at me, so I ran to his bathroom and started crying. I don't know why then I started vomiting for like an hour non-stop and the next thing you know is that I fainted!" I madly spoke fast. Eleanor looked at me listening intently. 

  "that's kinda.." "stupid. I know" I interrupted Eleanor.  "no, I was gonna say sad but...whatever!"   

"what should we do today?" I asked bored. "well we could go to the mall?" suggested Eleanor. "great Idea!".   We got out of Starbucks and was walking to the mall.  We had to walk through the road.

So when it was a red light we crossed,  but suddenly I heard car horns beeping like crazy and headlights about to crash into Eleanor!    I quickly bolted to her side pushing her far across on the side walk, but I didn't have time to save my own life.  Suddenly I heard Eleanor yelling then 'BOOM' the car crashed into me. 

  I fell to the ground feeling dizzy with my blood spilling all over the place and, the last thing I saw before I fainted for the 2nd time this week was Eleanor and the evil smirk of an evil woman.

   Ms. Bitch......

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