Ups and downs

A lot of people have ups and downs in their life and one of them are 19 year old Ashley Higgins ( and no she's not Paul Higgens, aka one directions bodyguard's daughter). It all started at a party at Niall horan's, one of her 6 best friends party. Things get awkward. Heart get broken. Mysteries are folded. So come on and start reading to know what coming at Ashley in her future/life. Is it good? Or is it bad? Well I can't say but life does have its ups and downs.


3. Ms. Bitch...

The next Morning, I felt dizzy.

I shifted my head to the side and let out a small, dry yelp.I raised my head and took a look at my surroundings.  A toilet, a sink, a shower, oh..... What a bummer. I'm in the washroom/bathroom/restroom/loo. Such a wonderful place to sleep.   

I rolled my eyes knowing nobody was even here. I stood up and went over to the sink where I splashed my face with water freshening my self. While the tap was running, I stopped and stared at my reflection in the Mirror remembering all that happened last night.  I looked at what I was wearing: the dress from last night.

    I slowly opened the door making sure no one was there and when the coast was clear, I quickly ran to the other side of the room locking Niall's door.    I got my bag from his closet and took out white ripped skinny jeans, a blue tank top and on top of that a white jean jacket. I took an elastic out and made my hair into a high pony tail. I headed back to the washroom and washed all my make up off. I looked at myself in the mirror again managing a little smile. I liked my natural look actually. I didn't like putting on a lot of make up but since I knew there was gonna be celebrities at the party which also stands for paparazzi and pictures, so I put make up on.    I neatly set my bag back in Niall's big walk in closet. 

  If you're wondering why I have clothes here then it's because, I come a lot  to Niall's house so I just leave a bag here with a lot of clothing in it. I even have my own room here! Cool eh?  

 I walked out the door unlocking it hearing laughing and talking. As I walked down the stairs, I had a better view as what was going on. Niall, Louis, Eleanor, and that girl from last night were sitting at the table eating breakfast.    It's a good thing the stairs are long cause I didn't want them seeing my comi- I tripped down the stairs in a THUMP! Their heads quickly snapped my direction as if on Que. "are you okay?" Eleanor and Louis worriedly asked at the same time. "yes. I'm fine. No worries." i said putting my hands up letting everyone know that I'm okay. "good." Niall spoke plainly going back to ms. Bitch over there.   

Wait. Rewind! Okay that's not nice of me! She's probably a nice girl. I should keep my thoughts for later when I really get to know her! I smirked, at myself for what I just thought. 

  I saw that there were no other plates of bacon, and eggs. I slumped and went over to the kitchen ready to make my own breakfast. "thanks for the breakfast guys! It was yummy" i sarcastically said patting my belly pretending that I actually ate breakfast and thought that it was delicious! "your welcome!" ms. Bitch spoke. 

  Okay I know I just said that I wouldn't call her ms. Bitch until I properly know her but, that was kind of Harsh for me. Well if my  friends said it I would be okay with it because I'm used to them but, if a stranger/random person says it then I go all 'bitch please!' but sadly right now I can't.  I sighed getting the pancake mix out. After I baked 7 pancakes and added syrup on top of them I went over to the table and sat at the end of the table and started enduring the sweet delight.   

Ms. Bitch stared at me like I was crazy. "ummm.....can I help you with something?" I asked confused and uncomfortable shifting to the side were Louis and Eleanor were sitting. "umm actually yeah I wanted to know if you ever thouht about taking a diet. Wait, you probably don't know what a diet is!" she exclaimed laughing.

Wow. I didn't expect that

. Now that my friend, is why ms. Bitch is the perfect name for her.   

Niall was staring at her dreamily, smiling at her. Eeeww!! Niall seriously needs to upgrade on his taste for girls! I mean seriouly! If she auditioned she would've made the part for the mean goblin thing-a-majig in the lord of the rings!

    Eleanor glared at ms. Bitch like she was about to shoot lasers at her using her eyes. "well..." I started neatly setting my knife and fork back on the table staring directly at her.  "I would if I had to babe but, right now I'm the one that should be asking you that question! Oh and sweety you'll only need to take one for 2 months soo.... I'll be needing those!" I spoke in a fake plastic voice grabbing all the bacon she had and stuffed it into my mouth. I stared at eleanor and she stared at me. We both smirked evilly and gave each other a foot five from under the table.  

 "Ashley stop! Just stop you've bothered us enough already!" Niall shouted harshly. Oh.... So it's suddenly 'US' now. Hmm. I scoffed. "Niall did you use protection?" I asked totally ignoring what he just said.

He turned from a crimson red to a fire blazing red. He stood up and shouted "GET OUT NOW!!" by now I already finished my breakfast. "sheesh... What got in your pants today?" I scoffed then stopped. "oh wait never mind. It's probably what got in your pants last night" I said smirking looking between the 2 back and forth.

"OK!! YOU KNOW WHAT?!?! THATS ENOUGH! GET OUT! NOW!" Niall Angrily yelled pointing at the door.

"okay. Let me jus-" "NOW!" he yelled interrupting me. I zipped my mouth shut then violently slamming the door, I left.

  I started mumbling curse words under my breath.  Suddenly, I felt a vibration come from my back pocket. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and unlocked it to be greeted by a text from Eleanor.  

"From: Eleanor my friendanor :p - To: Ashley ~ Good job there! But Niall was pretty harsh! : p meet you at Starbucks?"  

I smiled knowing that Eleanor would always be there for me.   

"To: Eleanor my friendanor :p - From: Ashley ~ yeah sure. Thanks! :)"

  "From: Eleanor my friendanor :p - To: Ashley ~ Hey! What are best hoes for!"   

"To: Eleanor my friendanor :p - From: Ashley ~ Hoes?"   I replied laughing.   

I was at Starbucks sitting at a booth waiting for Eleanor.  She wasn't here yet so I guessed I could order for her.  

"umm... Can I please get 1 java chip mocha latte with 1 double Chocolate chip" I ordered.  

"yup! Um.... What's your name?" the cashier asked me.  

I decided to have some fun.  "Eleanor Calder" I replied smirking. I went back to our booth and sat down.   

After a few minutes the door to Starbucks opened right when I heard  "Eleanor Calder, 1 java chip mocha latte with 1 double chocolate chip"    "yeah I'm coming" Eleanor spoke glaring at me which just made me laugh. 

  Once she brought the drinks, we started sipping it slowly because of how hot our drinks are.  

"so" Eleanor began. "tell me everything! From the top!" she managed to get out in between her big long sips. 

  "so ok" I started setting my java chip down taking a breath. 

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