Ups and downs

A lot of people have ups and downs in their life and one of them are 19 year old Ashley Higgins ( and no she's not Paul Higgens, aka one directions bodyguard's daughter). It all started at a party at Niall horan's, one of her 6 best friends party. Things get awkward. Heart get broken. Mysteries are folded. So come on and start reading to know what coming at Ashley in her future/life. Is it good? Or is it bad? Well I can't say but life does have its ups and downs.


2. Invited and vomiting?


I unlocked

My Samsung galaxy touch phone to be greeted with a message. It was from a friend of Myn.

   '''' From: Nialler <3 To:  Ashley---:  Hey Ash!! I'm having a party at my flat tonight ...want to come?''''

  A party? Well I guess I could I mean it's  Niall Horan, one of my 5 best friends.   

'''' To:  Nialler <3 From: Ashley---: Oh yeah! A party with my bestie? Count me in! Ok so what time does it start?''''

   '''' From: Nialler ~<3~ To: Ashley----: K great! It starts at 6:00 pm and ends at well it's supposed to end at 1:30 am but I'm guessing people are probably gonna stay longer and that's fine with me!! ;) ''''    

'''' To: Nialler ~<3~ From: Ashley----: Thanks!! K bye! I'll see ya later! Love you ''''    

'''' From: Nialler ~<3~  To: Ashley----: Love you too! Bye! ''''   

Wait. WHAT THE FUCK!! Why did I just write 'I love you!'? God I'm messed up.   I checked the time on my phone.     5:35 pm.    Oh damn!! I guess I should start getting ready now, I only have 26 minutes to get ready!! Which is not a lot but compared to the other teenage girls, that's all the time I need. 

  I went upstairs and took a shower using my new mint scented shampoo. When I came out of the loo with my robe on, I was picking out my outfit.   Ok so, it has to be something non-revealing, but attractive. Something cute and fancy, but at the same time casual. Something nice, but not too nice or it'll look like I'm trying to hard.  UGHH!! Why is it so hard.    At the end I chose a pair of pink pastel pumps, a black skirt that's long at the back and short at the front,  and matching along with my shoes, a pastel pink tank top looking, strapless bodice top.    I plugged in my curler and while waiting for it to heat up, I started on my makeup.    I added the teensiest bit of foundation on my face, before I put on my light pink blush. I added on hot pink lipstick on my lips, applied some mascara and eyeliner. I made my eye shadow for tonight a smokey black. Almost finishing I added the final touch.... Some shiny lip gloss to make my lips glossy!   I started curling my light brown wavy hair.    I had to admit the upper part of my body as in my face and hair looked pretty smokin' hot!   I unplugged the curler and dressed in my clothes.    I went back over to my dresser and added on a golden long heart necklace that ended right above my stomach and Pastel pink hoops.    I stood in front of my long, full view mirror to be greeted by a sexy brunnete. Which is obviously me.. Lol nah just joking but I did look good.  

I grabbed my phone and car keys and headed out the door locking my house and checking the time.  5: 58. Wow... Wowza!!! I'm actually stunned about how fast I got ready this time.    I started the ignition and ZOOOM, I was on my way to Niall Horan's  Party!!  


                                           *************at Niall's house***********


  After I parked my car, I stepped into the ginormous mansion to find out the only people that were here at the moment was Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and of course Niall and I.    "Did I come to early or what?" I said walking towards the living room where the boys were sitting and talking. Their heads snapped my way and their jaws hung open.

I went over to Louis and Zayn and shut their mouths saying "NO way!  Close your mouths. You guys aren't single!" they still didn't say anything.    I huffed then sighed "why won't you take a picture? It'll last longer!" sarcastically I said posing and rolling my eyes sitting down.    They soon regained their manners and said their "hellos".


    "wow I'm stunned" started Louis "you are really fast at getting dressed! Most girls take like an hour or longer sometimes and what? it's been like 10 minutes since Niall called you!" "and don't forget how hot she dressed herself in the time" added Harry. I smacked him playfully on the arm.     "so...Louis why didn't Eleanor come?" I questioned "well if this helps you out then I'm just gonna let you know that you're faster at getting dressed than her"   I know what he meant. What He meant was that she isn't ready yet and will come later. Typical Eleanor.    "well I mean she is a model so.... You know and she is dating Louis Tomlinson one Of the most famous men on earth! She doesn't want to look bad for the camera! Simple." I explained before Louis could have a chance to speak. "I know but, she isnt that big of a model! She's just a model for  Hollister, it's not that big!"   "ARGH!! Just whatever, get over it!"    He remained quiet.


     "Niall who's you're neighbor?" I asked.    Niall lived in a street full of celebrities because he said that he always got stalked by his neighbors who were usually fans. Plus knowing Niall, I know that he's probably gonna invite every single celebrity.   All the boys attention turned to Niall eager to find out the answer to my question.    "oh um.... It's.....oh yeah on my right is the kardashians and on my left is Chris brown."   I sat in shock. Then I screamed full of excitement.    " Niall I hate you! Why didn't you tell me that the one and only breezy ( Chris brown ) is your neighbor! And omg Niall you had to pick the house next to the kardashians! Theyre so annoying and are huge drama queens! " I groaned.   "what they're hot! And I never really had time to tell you that he's my neighbor"    "really Niall really! You've been texting my all day! And eeeww!"   " know... Well just .... Ok what ever moving on!" Niall spoke ending our little conversation.  


Just at that moment we heard the 'DING-DONG' sound of the doorbell go.    Me and the boys quickly looked at each other standing up adjusting out clothes while Niall went to open it.   In came Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez.    This is normal for me because when you're friends with 5 of the most famous people on earth then you do get some awesome privileges.    Everyone greeted the 2 with hands shakes, hellos, hugs and stuff.   I greeted them both with a hug "hey what's up"    "eh nothing just came to a party" justin spoke in a voice that meant ' are you dumb' joking around.   "um I'm pretty sure I can state the obvious" I spoke chuckling making everyone laugh including Justin. 


  About 24 minutes later alot of other people came like Taylor swift, Rihanna, Rita ora, the script, Jessie j, Bruno mars, Alicia keys, Anjulie, and the one and only Chris brown and Lucy Hale, my idols!!!!   There were some guys eyeing me I should say which made me uncomfertable.

  I got bored after just sitting watching other people chat with each other so I got up and started walking.    I heard a click sound and a blinding flash towards me.   I turned around to see the paparazzi outside of Niall's house taking pictures from the windows.  I quickly went away from the window and my phone out to text Niall that the paparazzi were out his window taking pictures.    I'm guessing he got the text cause he stopped the conversation, looked towards me and I pointed to the window from the side, making him look towards the window.    He just shrugged and went back to his 'important' conversation. Note my sarcasm.  


  I just started walking around again when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.  I Turned around and there stood the most gorgeous, fabulous, talented, beautiful etc. LUCY HALE!!!    "oh my god heyy!" I welcomed Lucy.    She giggled "hey what's up?"    "well okay I'm not gonna lie it's been boring so far!!"   "don't tell Niall I said this but I'm with you on this one" she laughed making me laugh along.    I guide her over to the the sofa and we both took a seat.    "I'm sorry but I just need to say that I'm a huge fan of you! And I honestly don't understand how I'm  able to keep calm!" I confessed making her laugh. "aww thanks".  After 2 Hours we got to know mostly everything about each other. We even switched numbers. She's such a great friend! Oh yeah during the past couple of hours we became best friends but sadly she had to leave her studio called and ruined our fun but right now it got darker and the DJ Niall hired started busting some tunes, Niall turned on his disco lights, and all ready every one got wasted. And yes Niall does have a built in bar with people hired as the bartenders.   


After a few minutes of dancing I went and grabbed a drink.   "what would you like miss?" a female bartender asked me.    "Ashley is fine and could i have  A glass of pepsi please?" I asked nicely.    "sure. Coming right up!" the bartender exclaimed happily probably because I gave her the honor to call me by my real name unlike the other girls who want them calling her miss or Mrs.     After finishing my large glass of Pepsi, I just sat and watched people dancing.   

My eyes stumbled upon a drunk Eleanor grinding with Justin Timberlake.    What the hell!?!?!!! She's dating Louis!   Then I looked over at an also drunk Louis having a random girl grinding her huge butt against Louis making him enjoy it.    WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?!?!?    Out of frustration I went over to Eleanor, grabbed her away from justin Timberlake, and snatched the other girl always from Louis and did a little switcheroo making Louis go with Eleanor and the random blondie with Justin Timberlake.    I went back over to the bar and got a Pepsi again.  Hey!! What can I say? I dont drink! Cause I'm smart enough to know that you get into bad consequences when you get drink.    I slowly sipped on my pepsi while Niall came over and ordered a drink.    "oooooooh! Look at Ashley such a big girl drinking alcohol!" he joked obviously already drunk. I laughed at his lame joke. " for your information Niall I'm 19 turning 20 in 4 months and it's not alcohol, it's Pepsi "   Niall went back to the dance floor right before I saw Zayn and Perrie making out.   

I smiled. Well at least they didn't go off with random people. *cough Louis cough Eleanor*!   Honestly I don't know what got into me today.  I'm not like myself. I usually make the best out of everything for myself and just have fun, but fun isn't the exact word I would use after Lucy went.    I looked over at a quiet corner to see Kylie Kardashian and Harry practically in each other!!   What the heck Harry!!    I took my last sip of Pepsi finishing it before I felt it all Coming back out.   


I quickly brought my hand to my mouth from stopping the vomit and clutched my stomach running to the bathroom.   All the bathrooms were busy except one: Niall's bathroom.   Niall's bathroom is in his room like so when you go in his room there's another door to go to the bathroom.  


I ran upstairs to the fourth floor and into a door to come to a sudden halt surprised.   There he was on top of a girl.


Having it.

Having sex.  

The girl stared at me awkwardly while Niall gave me the glare. 


I quickly ran to the bathroom locking the door behind me.   I knelt down next to the toilet and started to spill all my vomit out and into the toilet. I started crying along. Wait. Why was I crying? I brought my hair to one side not wanting it to get Dirty.     I Kept on vomiting and vomiting non-stop for honestly an hour and a half.   I couldn't believe it! I thought Niall was my best friend? While I'm practically dying here he chooses to most likely get a girl pregnant!

  Right now I felt like fainting. everything around me got blurry. My sobs got louder and louder. That's when I kept on hearing knocking and that's when I fainted.....  


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