Ups and downs

A lot of people have ups and downs in their life and one of them are 19 year old Ashley Higgins ( and no she's not Paul Higgens, aka one directions bodyguard's daughter). It all started at a party at Niall horan's, one of her 6 best friends party. Things get awkward. Heart get broken. Mysteries are folded. So come on and start reading to know what coming at Ashley in her future/life. Is it good? Or is it bad? Well I can't say but life does have its ups and downs.


5. I called the police on her

( Eleanor's POV )


  I screamed my lungs out at that bitch.

I rapidly took my phone out and dialed the ambulance telling them what happened which they replied to "we're on our way mam. Just stay where you are and keep calm". Which I didn't.  

Then I dialed 999 quickly (or 911) and they picked it up on the 3rd ring.  "London's police department, how can I help you?" "umm....sir this is genuinely bad! My best friend got run over by that crazy bitch!" I madly explained over the phone. "well... Please calm down. Don't use that kind of language and slowly explain what happened. " I couldn't breath cause of how hard I was sobbing, so I took a shaking deep breath. "ok so at my friends house me and my other friend Ashley, got in a fight with our friends girlfriend.  Then our other friend kicked Ashley out of his house so I met her up at Starbucks and since she was having a bad day, I decided to give her a girls night out. But when we crossed the road, well actually the car was gonna crash into me but she saved me forgetting about herself and that woman that crashed into her was the girl we got in a fight with. Her name is Alice Mandose and before I could do anything she drives off with a smirk on her face and blood all over the front of her car!" I managed to scream out in between my loud sobs.  "ok.... Thanks for telling us that's all the information we needed and may I please have your number mam because we will try our best to track her down and when we do track her down or find out anything about her we will contact you." "ok thank you sir" i said giving him my number at the end.     Seconds later after I ended the call, the sound of the ambulance rang through my ears.   

I quickly looked up and saw the back of the ambulance already open with 2 men In white coming out with a gurney in their hands.    I helped them raise Ashley on the gurney and asked if I could go with her which they replied with a nod.    I climbed in the ambulance grabbing her phone and wallet with me stuffing it in my purse.    

I then grabbed my phone out and started a group call with Zayn, Perrie, Danielle, Liam, Louis, Harry and I know I shouldn't have but Niall too. Surprisingly they all picked up "ok no talking right now quickly come to that hospital 15 minutes away from Niall's flat, Down the street on the other side of the shoe store! Come on quickly..... Ashley needs you...all. " I hung up quickly not wanting them to hear me cry. 

   10 minutes later we arrived at the hospital.

The back door opened and I once again helped them, with taking Ashley inside. 

2 nurses and a doctor rushed to us quickly with a bed on wheels and took her to a hospital room. More doctors came and nurses jolted to her hospital room.    I tried to get in which resulted in failure.   

I threw my hands in the air and said "show me something" to myself sitting on one of the chairs in front of her hospital room. I laughed at what I did and said because it was a joke that once Ashley did right after we listened to 'Stay- by Rihanna'.  A warm tear slipped down my cheek at the memory of her.    Suddenly I heard a call "Eleanor!" I brought my head up to be greeted by a running Louis. I got up and ran into his arms sobbing my eyes out. "Louis... I don't know what to do! Help me. Babe I need you!" I screamed crying. "it's okay babe. Shhhh... Look I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you." he replied calmly. "where are the others?" I asked calming down a bit by Louis stroking my hair. "don't worry they'll be here." he assured me.    Once we sat down I began talking with a serious tone. "I called the police on her." "on who?" "Alice." "why?" "because shes the reason for these tears" I replied looking into his dreamy eyes.  "WHAT!?!" "isn't it obvious? She hates us to the guts! Did you know she was originally trying to kill me! But Ashley dived in and saved me risking her own life!" I yelled sobbing again. "oh.." Louis replied unknowingly looking down.    I heard running coming down from the hall. Louis and I both looked up this time. It was everyone else....including Niall. "What happened!?!" Danielle questioned breathing in and out rapidly. I looked at Louis, "Louis will explain. Right now, I have to talk with Niall!" I said grabbing Niall's hand and leading him to a private corner where nobody could see us.    "What?" Niall snapped at me. "Oh SHUT UP! YOU KNOW WHAT!" "NO I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! AND DON'T SCREAM AT ME'!" "THEN TELL YOU'RE SLUTTY GIRLFRIEND THAT I CALLED THE POLICE ONE HER!" I screamed getting louder every time. He looked at me with a shocked expression. "WHAT!?.......why?" he whispered the end. I rolled my eyes.  "She's the reason Ashley is in here! She's the one that smashed her car into Ashley and drove way smirking. And she's the girl that you think is so innocent but is not and she's the girl that took away your virginity..... You said you wanted to look for a special person and take it way actually meaning it. And by the looks of it, I thought that special someone was gonna be Ashley." speaking quit as a mouse I walked away leaving a shocked expression on his face.    I lay back down beside Louis cuddling with him to hear the soft cries of Danielle, the silent years running down Perrie's face, and to see all the boys with an expression on their face that meant 'it's okay. She's gonna be okay. Don't cry. Be strong.'    About 20 minutes later, the doctors were still working on Ashley and I got a Call from the police.   I held the phone up to my ear "hello?" I started "yes ms. Calder we just wanted to inform you that, We found Alice and since the incident was bad from the way we looked at her car, she's being held in trail for 8 months and just because Ashley is unconscious we are sorry we won't be able to hold a court meeting." I was smiling by now which was Making all the lads and girls look at my way with a questioning look on their face. "Thank you sir! Bye!" and with that I ended the call. "What happened? Why are you smiling?" Perrie asked. "well the police called and said that Alice is being held prisoned for 8 Months!" they all looked happy and cheered hugging each other. Suddenly all our actions stopped when Niall came back with red puffy eyes that looked like has been cried? And the doctor.   He looked at us sadly. "I don't know if this is good news Or bad news but I'm sorry"    My heart stopped beating. I looked around the room to see them all with the same expressions as me emotionless, shocked, and terrified. "WHAT!?" we all asked at the same time. By now the boys had tears running down their faces too.  

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