Ups and downs

A lot of people have ups and downs in their life and one of them are 19 year old Ashley Higgins ( and no she's not Paul Higgens, aka one directions bodyguard's daughter). It all started at a party at Niall horan's, one of her 6 best friends party. Things get awkward. Heart get broken. Mysteries are folded. So come on and start reading to know what coming at Ashley in her future/life. Is it good? Or is it bad? Well I can't say but life does have its ups and downs.


1. Ashley May Higgens



Why does my life have to be complicated? Why? I just don't get it! I stormed out of his house, anger rushing inside of me. 

I walked to the streetlights and sunk down. If only he..... No not he! If only THEY knew my actual life story then everything would've been alright! But no I just had to run down the alleyway that stupid dark night!!






Name: Ashley May Higgens

Age: 19

Birth date: April 18  1993

Favourite color : PURPLE ALL THE WAY!!

Favourite hobbies : football (soccer), singing, dancing, playing every instrument know to man and woman kind except the whistle lol just kidding but can play almost every instrument.

Strange facts about her:  

 1. Has green eyes with a mix of purple

 2. Her eyes turn full purple at times but is really rare

 3. Has a lot of hidden secrets 

 4. Is a huge party girl but doesn't drink alcohol   

 5. Lives alone

   And much more but you'll find out more through out the movella


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