A Cupcake Fairytale

"Things were changing for us... and this time for good.”

Abandoned by her father before she was even born, Madison had to make do with whatever life handed out to her. She sweetened her own life by loosing herself in the imaginary world of fairytales. She was forever stuck on princesses and the sweet bakery treats her mother constantly creates.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to her, Madison realises that her life wasn't all that it seemed to be....


2. Sweet Dreams




It’s not Mum’s fault she has to leave me by myself. She doesn’t have many friends and the ones she does have are always busy with work in their own super popular businesses.

I took the food out of the oven after half an hour, sat myself on the couch with it on a tray, and switched the TV on to Disney Channel.

Three hours passed and I started to get scared. Why wasn’t Mum back yet? Why hadn’t she called?

Just as the images of serious injury or even worse came into my head, the phone rang. It was Mum! She said the mother had made her dinner and dragged her into a long conversation about her childhood. She would be back in five minutes.

I sighed with ragged relief. Mum always came through!

When she clicked the door shut, I pretended to be asleep but she flopped down next to me on the couch and tickled me till I was upright and squealing.

“You best be getting to bed Sweetie. You’ve got school tomorrow!”

I grinned at her and went straight into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I couldn’t help but stare at myself in the mirror as I put my toothbrush back. I didn’t get it! Mum’s cakes seemed magical enough to make anyone’s dream come true. So why wasn’t I pretty? Why wasn’t I popular? Why wasn’t I as rich and famous as a princess is? Why didn’t I have a dad? I sighed and climbed into my bed.

Bedtime is my favourite time of the day. It’s the only time I’m not annoyed by pestering bullies or frightened stiff by nights in the flat alone. When I sleep my dreams are almost always about me and Mum living in a proper family. Living real lives.


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