A Cupcake Fairytale

"Things were changing for us... and this time for good.”

Abandoned by her father before she was even born, Madison had to make do with whatever life handed out to her. She sweetened her own life by loosing herself in the imaginary world of fairytales. She was forever stuck on princesses and the sweet bakery treats her mother constantly creates.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to her, Madison realises that her life wasn't all that it seemed to be....


4. Faded





It was the longest hour I’d ever experienced! Mum made me stay in my room and do my homework. It only took me five minutes as it was maths homework on fractions so I wrote a book review on ‘Candyfloss’. I finished that in ten minutes and ended up drawing the main character of ‘Angel cake’ for the remaining 45 minutes.

 I love that book because it reminds me of the time when Mum opened up a shop and sold cupcakes and cookies and milkshakes just like Dan’s mum. The shop didn’t last long and we didn’t make that much money anyway. Maybe we should have gone round with tasters like Dan did.

When I finally heard the door shut, I went racing into the living room where Mum was raking her hands through her hair but smiling like there was no tomorrow.

“He’s a really nice guy!” she sighed.


She had that in-love look in her eyes. It made my heart stumble with fear.


“Mum? Do you like this Frank guy?”


She sighed again and flopped onto the couch.


“Mum! Don’t get so attached,” I said, panicked, “You’ve only just met him! Remember what happened last time you felt this way?”


I hadn’t meant to make her angry. I was just trying to make her see that falling for this guy would be a bad bad mistake.


“Look!” She suddenly yelled, “Just because your real dad chickened out of taking care of you doesn’t mean I can’t date anyone else. You’re nothing but a spoilt brat! Why don’t you just take your nose out of my love life and go back to your own selfish needs?”


She was glaring at me with what looked like hatred and disgust but she noticed the tears streaking down my face and she subsided.


“Oh look honey, I didn’t mean to make you upset.”


“It’s okay,” I gave a pained sigh, “I was thick to think you were ever going to take life seriously. Not since you got lumbered with me at fourteen!”


“You know what happened and he was the one who deserted me once he found out.”


“Will you just stop talking about my dad like he’s an idiot?” I yelled.


I ran into my room before Mum could say another word. I dumped myself on my bed and clutched my old clothes laying on it. My eyes were drenched with pathetic tears.


She’d promised me she wouldn’t fall for another man. She said we were going to be together forever. Just the two of us! That we didn’t need anyone but each other!


But people lie. And now Mum is going to fall for this Frank man and probably have another kid. A better kid. And they’re probably going to leave me behind.

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