A Cupcake Fairytale

"Things were changing for us... and this time for good.”

Abandoned by her father before she was even born, Madison had to make do with whatever life handed out to her. She sweetened her own life by loosing herself in the imaginary world of fairytales. She was forever stuck on princesses and the sweet bakery treats her mother constantly creates.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to her, Madison realises that her life wasn't all that it seemed to be....


5. Bittersweet Sleepovers







I didn’t talk to Mum for the rest of the weekend. She kept trying to apologise but nothing could make me forgive her. I still didn’t talk to her even when she laid a huge sponge cake with light pink icing and gumdrop decoration out in front of me. After a day or so, she gave up and we ignored each other until we saw an ad on TV about the queen’s baking competition on Monday morning.


“Calling all bakers!” the TV loomed, “Her Majesty the Queen is in search of a new baker to complete her sweet tooth needs. If you think you’ve got what it takes, submit your details and a taste of your baking and we will select the tastiest seven to compete in the finals. The closing date is the 28th June, so do not dilly-dally!”

“That the exact same thing the leaflet said!” I exclaimed.


“I see you’re talking to me now,”

I sighed at the triumphant tone in her voice.

“You promised me we were going to be together! Just the two of us!”

“I know Sweetie. It’s just that things are different now. I really like this guy and I’m certain he’s not going to flip at the first sign of drama but I promise this romance will not be like last time for your sake. Okay?”


We shook hands and I picked up my bag and headed off to school.

School went the same way as it always does. Getting everything right in class and being teased rotten about it. But at lunch time Savannah finally acted like a friend. At least I thought she did.

“Hey Maddie,” she said, “Do you want to come to my house tonight? We could have a sleepover.”

“Okay. Just us two?” I asked.

“Um... sure!” she said in a hesitating tone.

We smiled at each other and tucked into our fish and chips.

After I ate I called Mum and she said it was fine for me to stay the night with Savannah as long as I came home straight after school the next day.

We staggered through the rest of the day and then we skipped to Savannah’s house.

“Hello Madison,” Savannah’s mum grinned as we walked through the door. “Glad you could come. How’s your mum doing?”

“She’s fine,” I said.

Savannah’s mum gave me that hideous sympathy smile and pulled a chair back for me to sit on.

“Tea?” she suggested.

Savannah is perhaps the luckiest girl alive. Her mum had set out a buffet of snacks. There were plates and bowls heaped with Mr Kipling cakes, Ready Salted flavoured crisps, turkey sandwiches, Mars bars, Twix bars and strawberry wine gums.

 We ate our tea merrily. It was the yummiest thing I’d ever tasted. Just as I finished my 7th sandwich, there was a piercingly loud knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” Savannah said, rushing to the door.

I followed her to the door and stood there in shock.

She said it was just us two, but she’d invited Stacey, the girl she was chatting to in school.

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