A Cupcake Fairytale

"Things were changing for us... and this time for good.”

Abandoned by her father before she was even born, Madison had to make do with whatever life handed out to her. She sweetened her own life by loosing herself in the imaginary world of fairytales. She was forever stuck on princesses and the sweet bakery treats her mother constantly creates.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to her, Madison realises that her life wasn't all that it seemed to be....


10. Birthday 'Fun'



My birthday was perfect. Well at first it was! I woke up to my favourite song and ‘Happy Birthday’ banners all over my room. Smiling, I got ready for school and charged into the living room where Mum had laid out a beautiful breakfast buffet with all my favourite breakfast food: French toast, an omelette, bacon, boiled potatoes and baked beans and tropical juice.

“Wow! Thanks, Mum,” I said, tucking in.

She was staring wistfully at the bacon.

“You know you have to diet, Mum. One piece of bacon could turn the baby into a frying fat maniac!”

“Fine.” she sighed, trudging back to her pineapple chunks and muesli.

I ate the rest of my breakfast, savouring each bite. When there was absolutely nothing left, I headed out to school.

When I walked in, nobody shouted insults at me. The boys said stuff like “Happy b day geek” and “Happy birthday mini don!” The girls just looked at me and giggled. I had a really bad feeling they were planning something against me. Miss Marwick gave me a Yorkie bar and wished me one of the best birthdays I had ever had. I wished her wish would come true.

Everyone was surprisingly nice to me. Savannah and Stacey just ignored me but they kept looking at me and giggling. My fear grew worse every time they did.

The dinner lady gave me an extra chicken with twice as much barbeque sauce on it. Even my science teacher, Mrs Dahim, handed me a little card with pink puppies on them.

When I got home, Mum opened the door and tied a blindfold across my eyes. I tried to fight but when I felt the swell of her tummy, I calmed down; the last thing I needed was for the baby to have the same birthday as me!

She led me into my room and undid the blindfold. There was a tray of fresh cupcakes and a brand new dress. It was a dazzling green to match my eyes and was beautified with multi-coloured gems.

“I thought you could use a new dress for the baking contest finals!”

“You got in!”

“We’re going at 5.00PM on Thursday, two weeks from now.  I couldn’t find a better way to tell you than a new dress.”

I gave her the biggest hug I could and tried on the dress. It was a perfect fit.

“Oh Mum I love it!” I squealed, twirling around.

“Glad to hear that. Now, you stay here and I’ll be right back.”

So I stayed. I heard Mum clattering about in the kitchen. Then, I heard her open the front door and a lot of moving around. Did she invite her friends?

“You can come out now, Madison!” Mum called.

I opened the door open and gasped. Mum had invited every girl in my class to a surprise birthday party. There were paper chains and balloons on the walls and tables heaving with tons of food. Mum had got pizzas, mini quiches, sweets, ham sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, a profiterole tower, thousands of her famous cupcakes in my favourite colours, pink and purple and a beautiful birthday cake with my face made of icing with six candles at the back of the cake.

“SURPRISE!” everyone yelled.

I just stood there, gobsmacked. Mum led me to a table stacked high with presents.

“Go on,” she gestured, “Open them!”

I got so many things. Savannah got me a bead bracelet. I peered at her wrists. She was wearing a chambala. Her gift was obviously not to take back our lost friendship. Stacey got me a £25 gift card for WHSmiths.

“Don’t hold your breath,” she hissed in my ear, “My mum got that for you.”

I paid no attention to her and opened the rest of my presents. I got clothes; jewellery; make up, and someone even bought me a gel pen set!

Mum turned on some music and everyone switched into party mode.

Nobody really talked to me but I was okay with that seeing as none of them were really my friends. Some girls came up to me and told me how awesome my mum was for throwing a party and that their parents would never let so many people into the house.

I kept looking over to where Savannah and Stacey were chatting. Savannah had a sad look in her eyes and Stacey constantly glared at me. Stacey suddenly stood up and charged towards me.

“Get outside with me or else!” she hissed.

 She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the flat.

“I’ve had it up to here with you,” she exclaimed.

I was confused. I was sure that she was the one who stole my BFF from me.

“What did I do?”

“Don’t play dumb! First you show up at school and steal Savannah away from me, then you drop her like dirt and now you’re acting like you’re the innocent one and trying to take Savannah back!”

I never knew Savannah had been Stacey’s old BFF in school!

“I didn’t know that you guys were best friends before,”

“That’s only because I kept quiet about it. Waiting for you two to break up. But you stayed BFFs. You stole her away from me. So now, I’m getting my own back!”

She suddenly shoved me hard. I felt the floor leave my feet and I fell down. I never stopped falling. Till I hit the bottom of the earth.

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