A Cupcake Fairytale

"Things were changing for us... and this time for good.”

Abandoned by her father before she was even born, Madison had to make do with whatever life handed out to her. She sweetened her own life by loosing herself in the imaginary world of fairytales. She was forever stuck on princesses and the sweet bakery treats her mother constantly creates.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to her, Madison realises that her life wasn't all that it seemed to be....


1. A weird lifestyle





Once upon a time… That’s sounds a bit silly doesn’t it? I’m no fairytale princess! I have carrot coloured hair and blotchy freckles sparkled all over my cheeks and nose while princesses have gorgeous blonde hair and peachy skin with no freckles at all. Princesses wear silk gowns and jewel encrusted tiaras, I wear skinny jeans and endless rainbow dyed t-shirts.

“Good morning Madison,” Mum called from the kitchen.

“Morning Mum,” I said. “What did you bake today?”

My Mum is the best baker in the world. She has her own celebratory cake business and makes all these birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Christmas cakes, cupcakes and even cakes in different shapes like the Easter egg cake she made for my school’s Easter party and the birthday cake she made for my 7th birthday which looked just like me. It was my exact height and it looked just like me!

“I’ve made some special cupcakes for you to give out in school today. A little treat from me!”

“You’re the best mum ever!” I said, taking one off the table and biting into it.

A beautifully rich taste soaked into my tongue and I fell into a blissful dream. I felt my school uniform fade and a peach-coloured satin dress hug me. I saw my clumpy, black shoes vanish and orange high heels form. I watched as the flat turn into a fairytale castle. It was the best moment of my life! Then Mum vigorously shook me.

“Snap out of it, Maddie! You look like you’re going to faint!”

The castle switched back to the lowly flat. My beautiful dress turned into my red uniform and my gorgeous heels changed back to my ordinary school flats. I knew things like that could never last.

I sighed and started packing the cupcakes into a large container. They looked stunning. Golden sponge with feather green butter cream icing, a sugar ball border and chocolate chips positioned into a heart shape. They had a fabulous image and an unbelievable taste.

“Mum, these cupcakes look amazing!”

“Thanks, Darling. Now run along,”

My school is walking distance away. Good hearted secondary school says it’s best to put schools near home environments. It seems stupid but I love it! I can always stop by the corner shop to buy a bar of chocolate or a packet of sweets with a JW magazine each month.

“You’re early, Madison,” Miss Marwick called as I stepped.

Miss Marwick is like a fussy teenager. If you do good things, like come to form early and buy her presents for Christmas and her birthday, she rewards you with stuff like chocolate-covered prunes and being in her group on trips. However if you do bad things like talking in her form or roll your skirt up too high, she gives you a 4:00PM detention every night for the rest of the term.

“Good morning, Miss Marwick, did you tell Mr Lucking about my homework?” I said.

“Yes, dear I told him that you had to go with your mother to the cake shop last night to buy new decorations for her birthday cake engagement,” Miss Marwick said.

“How come Carrot Head gets to skip writing a 600 word essay on Martin Luther King?” Todd whined, as he strolled into form.

“You know why, Todd!” Miss Marwick hissed, so I could only just hear, “Madison doesn’t have a proper family like you do. Her mother is the only person who takes care of her!”

I wish people wouldn’t keep mentioning the fact that I have no dad. It makes me seem like some loser that everybody has to feel sorry for. Every time I meet someone new and they ask me about my family, they give me that patronising sympathy look when I say I’m an only child with a single mum. It makes me sick!

I coughed loudly and they both got back to their own business without making another sound in my direction.

As the rest of the class heaped into the form room, I started to daydream about what it would be like to have a real father. To be a real family. Would Mum still have her cake company? Would we have to scrimp and save half the time l when Mum’s business is not doing so well?

Registration seemed oddly longer than usual. It was because Miss Marwick was rambling on about her social life a lot more than usual. She’d probably hit it off with another guy. Lucky him!

“How’s home Madison?” Savannah asked, as we walked out of form.

Savannah is my only loyal friend. She never teases me when I answer a question right or get top marks on a test. She doesn’t make fun of my ginger hair and freckles. She complains though about her chocolate-coloured hair and her cherry-flushed cheeks and her dark hazel eyes. She’s Princess material to me!

“Better,” I sighed, “Mum’s making a gigantic birthday cake for these twins who are turning three!”

“Cool! Sometimes I really wish I were you, Maddie!”

“Please! I wouldn’t want to be me if I were Quincy.”

Quincy is the dopiest boy in our year. He doesn’t have any friends and always seems mentally ill. No one ever wants to be his partner or sit next to him in any lesson. Sometimes I feel sorry for him!

We strolled into maths dead on time and parked ourselves into our chairs just as Mr Nolan turned from his desk.

“Good morning girls,” He murmured before moving back to typing the lesson’s work.

“Good morning, Mr Nolan!” we chanted in unison.

We got out our maths books and wrote the date and learning objective just as rest of the class arrived.

“Oh look, it’s the two brainboxes at their witty work,”

“You got the answers to the first worksheet yet, Madiloser?”

Sometimes I wish I could stand up to them but I never know what to say. It’s not like I’m any cooler than them! They’re popular and I’m almost a loner. They skip school and I have 100% attendance. They wear their uniforms in a cool way and I stick to the uniform regulations.

I ignored their petty quirks and concentrated on Mr Nolan who was droning on about the diameter of a circle. I already knew this stuff! The rotten teachers had put me in set two because I didn’t know algebra but that’s only because we hadn’t learnt it in primary school.

“Okay everyone! You have five minutes to complete this worksheet.”

I was on the last question when I felt someone behind me poke my back and tug my chair.

“What’d you put for question 8 then?” they murmured, scrabbling for my book.

I fought as hard as I could but they managed to snatch it away from me and copy all my answers. If I had had more nerve, I would have snatched it back from them without a word but I’m just a coward. A wimp with no guts.

I sat in a sulky mood for the rest of the lesson. When the bell finally rang for second period, I dashed straight to DT, vigorously wiping the tears from my face.

I knew it was stupid to cry because the teachers would make a big fuss and put the people on the bridge which will make them have a grudge against me. If Ms Ronald saw I was crying she’d blame Mum for it. I hate how she blames Mum for everything that’s wrong with me. It’s not her fault!

“Early again Madison.” she said, watching me pull on my apron.

I gave her the littlest of a nod before sitting on my stool and waiting for the lesson to start.

The rest of the day was pretty much downhill. I went into class sulky and left class even sulkier. At lunch time, I rummaged through my bag and found that someone had taken most of Mum’s specially - made cupcakes. There was only one slightly crushed cupcake left in the bag! I gave it to Savannah at break.

“This cake looks gorgeous Maddie!” Savannah exclaimed.

That was when the whole canteen erupted and thousands of arms started scrabbling at the measly cupcake. Savannah couldn’t hang on to it and it was swept into the crowd of people. I heaved a big sigh. Mum’s effort always seemed to end like that!

 By the time I got back to the flat, I felt like giving up on ever taking food to school altogether.

“Hi Mum!” I flatly called.

“Hi sweetie how was school today?” she replied, sounding busier than usual.

“The same… what are you doing?”

“The icing dress on the twins’ cake isn’t puffy enough for their mother so I have to fix it within two hours time!”

We spent the next one and a half hours daubing icing all over the cake’s chest. I stood back and admired the figure. A vanilla sponge cake in the shape of a super model with a shimmering pink icing dress, sugar jewel encrusted boots and a gold lace necklace with a red marzipan heart.

“It looks amazing, Mum!”

She smiled and started taking oven chips and chicken out of the fridge and loading them onto a tray.

“Honey, make sure you take your dinner out of the oven in about half an hour.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve got to go and deliver the cake silly. I’ll be back in an hour okay?”

“You’re leaving me at home alone. You promised you wouldn’t do that anymore!”

“I’m sorry sweetheart but the twins’ mother told me to come without you. She doesn’t like too many children running around the house.”

“Yet she has three year old twins.”

“I’ll be back soon. Okay?”

“Bye then.”

Mum smiled at me and left me. Alone. Again.

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