The Pillars of Hogwarts

The story of Slytherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The founders of Hogwarts.


1. The Future

"Salazar! My friend! Glad to see you!"

" And I you, Godric!"

"Gentlemen, if we may begin the meeting."

"Nice to see you too, Rowena. Helga!"

"You two may be the two greatest wizards at this day, but you both pick your moments for merry-making."

The two wizards looked at each other. The frosty remarks from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were nothing new. One of them wore robes of a deep red, another one of poisoness green. The tallest lady, Rowena wore blue and bronze while Helga had attire of yellow and black. The men sat at the marble table and with minute wand gestures made four goblets and an ornate golden jug filled with wine appear.

"This, my dear Helga, is merry-making!" grinned Salazar.

"No my friend, I feel we need a little... warmth!" concluded Godric. The icy chamber hall was filled with furs and fleeces, candles and lanterns and the cold table piled with meats and vegetable wonders.

"Gryffindor! Slytherin! You must focus! We are in a situation! There are young witches and wizards everywhere, with only home teaching to nurture magical talent!"

"I agree with Rowena. We must speak. We must make a decision."

The men resigned from their joy and nodded, before Godric said the thing no one had dared suggest.

"We must build a school. Oh, Rowena, please do be quiet before you lecture me at the impossibilities. I know I am the youngest of us, but I know the advantage of a proper learning. Yes, Helga, I meant education. You really are a stickler for grammar. We did set up a building for young learners, but they were stuck-up children from rich wizarding families. We must build a place for all children, may they be fluent in magic or not capable of moving things with a wand! "

Salazar frowned. "Godric, I second your motion, but there are old rivalries among the pure and pure, the pure and half-blood. How would we rid these .... problems."

"Ah!" cried Godric. "The very question I hoped you would ask! I will sacrifice my hat on this note. Now, if you would please contribute a bit of your... brain."

On this strange remark, Gryffindor put his hat brim side up, so it balanced perfectly on the point, which seemed a great feat for the frayed, weather-beaten thing. He put his wand to his forehead and drew out a white wisp, which he flicked in to the hat. Each sorcerer did this, until the hat flipped on to its brim and where a crease had managed to make a fold in the hat, a voice said:    

A simple old frayed hat I be,

In your head all do I see,

whether you belong to Gryffindor,

fight and be brave like lions paw

or whether you be smart Ravenclaw,

through test and trial you shall score,

or perhaps cunning Slytherin,

resourcefulness will keep you in,

conclude in loyal Hufflepuff,

hard work and grammar, that's the stuff!

They all clapped.

"That settles it! The school shall be opened!"



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