The Pillars of Hogwarts

The story of Slytherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The founders of Hogwarts.


3. The Chamber

"Ah. Yes." said Slytherin, as he landed. The circular door opened for him, and he stepped soundlessly in to a large chamber plain except for torch racks placed here and the on the wall. He flicked his wand, and green fire jumped from the rack at once. He touched the wall, where a patch of frost formed, spreading everywhere and eating in to the rock. His powers were so strong here that a wand became a mere twig. The frost soon dissolved the wall so that it formed sculptures, of snakes that seemed forgiving as hatred. At one end, there was a large sculpture of a mans face, the mouth open. Salazar walked briskly towards the stone mouth, where he briefly touched the lip. He stood to the side quickly, which was wise as a flash of green came out, searching for a victim. It was a towering basilisk. It was so strong, so fear inspiring and so awe filling. Salazar nodded. He approved of symbolism. A snake out of a mans mouth. Parseltongue. 

Godric paced the room furiously.

"Why is this happening? This is not like him. I've searched for him. He is nowhere to be seen, yet I can feel his aura! It's gone a bad colour. That's impossible, as he would have to turn to the dark....."

"The Dark Arts, Godric. It is so. He will know that we understand his newly formed choices." Rowena sounded grave.

"Its not right! Where is the dear fellow I knew, a man who may well have been my brother! I can't believe... I won't believe it!"

Helga lost patience. "Quiet! It is so. No use will come of argument. We must exclude him from our group. He is not worthy if he uses dark magic." She blinked away a tear, leaving. Rowena sighed, while Godric made numerous confused expressions.

" Godric. Please stop that. I know it seems like Helga is made of stone. She does however have feelings. Particularly for Salazar. I know it never seemed so. Things will be good when we are but legends, when things as this will be unheard of, and only our great feats known of. I suggest we retire to our rooms."

Godric was perplexed. He had to get Salazar out. He had to help him escape. Salazar was gone however, and now a stranger remained. He shook his head. He went to the massive entrance doors where he met Salazar, as he expected.

"You will leave."

"Gladly. Old Friend."

"Friend no longer."

"Hence the old."

Godric smiled. Salazar was not all gone.

"I won't tell you what I did though. You'll never find it." Salazar hissed. Godric felt a painful stab in his heart. Right over the edge, that's where he was. Gone. He nodded towards the door. Salazar laughed manically.

"I've started something though. I may be gone, but Slytherin's heir will finish what I started. You'll rue the day you thought better of having half-bloods. You'll wish you'd taken power." Salazar twitched with insanity, while Godric stared at the mental mess he had only a few days ago called friend.

"Goodbye, Salazar."

"You should have taken power-" Godric shut the door, ignoring the muffled gibbering of the mad man outside. He didn't like this ending. It had been a steady beginning, fast changing middle and a bad ending. In the space of a few days. What did Salazar think he had started? What had he done?

If you've read the books, you can guess.

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