The Pillars of Hogwarts

The story of Slytherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The founders of Hogwarts.


2. Blood Fractions

The magnificent castle was in construction. Each sorcerer would make their house's tower, and furnish it to their preferred colour scheme. Each day the four magicians would meet in the marble room, which, as it was a historical place, the decided to move somewhere safe. The called it the room of requirement. The castle progressed, eventually finished and ready to fill, with spells, potions, laughter, teachers and of course pupils. The final meeting was held.

"We meet to discuss the pupils." Started Helga.

"Ah. Yes. I have been mulling over that." Interrupted Salazar. Helga frowned, not only due to the poor etiquette, but as lately, Salazar had been saying strange things. Thinking dark things. "I believe I must put in a more.... pure course of action. I'm not quite sure about the admittance of people with blood... not quite... pure."

"Salazar, my friend, do you suggest that half-bloods and such likes should not be entitled with education because their parents are not both magicians? What else?"

"That is all I wish." Salazar finished simply. Godric studied his friend's face. He didn't seem like a friend. He had a cruel tone to his pale, finely chiselled face. He had often had a mad manner about him as he built Slytherin Tower. He muttered things like: ".... rightful heir,  half- bloods, times changing, rightful ruler..." , things that frightened Godric more than Rowena crossed with a hag. Truly, there wasn't much difference.... Godric shook his head. Perhaps it was stress.

" I gladly thank you Salazar that I am a half-blood. As is Godric. Would you choose to rule us out?"

" I DO NOT NEED TO BE RULER! SLYTHERTHIN WILL BE POWERFUL ENOUGH!" Salazar bellowed. The room was left silent.`

"Salazar. I think you are tired. Allow me to assist you to your quarters-"

"I need no help, Godric. I am fine." He stood up and left the room speedily, muttering curses. He paced the long corridor, before he stopped abruptly, reaching a conclusion. He strode off towards a bathroom. He whispered an incantation, and a long and thick green snake appeared from the gap of the door.

"Nagini. My trustful one. I must give you a mission. Guide the heir onwards. Once you meet them, show them power. Stay by them, whatever the cost. Slytherin must remain the strongest. I will build a place for them. A creature to guide their will. Stay by them!" Salazar spoke in a tongue only he could understand, him and the snake it seemed. It hissed a reply, before returning to its den. Salazar's face, contorted with insanity and angst settled.

" A place for them. Here." He sighed, before pushing open the door. Ignoring the splendour, he marched to a porcelain sink, where a snake engraved tap sat. "Open up." He said in the strange language. The sink split, revealing a gaping, back hole.  

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