Sad Story

Karla was found having heart problems when Niall finds out he's devistated. But Karla doesn't know that Niall is her heart doner.


5. Letter

Hey princess, It's Niall here....well you probably knew that from the messy hand writing. I'm trying to get my mind off the surgery that is coming up, so I decided to write you this note. Okay so I guess since your reading this I really have died now. Wow, that is really hard to think of. I'll never see yoir beautiful face anymore, or get to say I love you...That's even harder to think of. I love you so much and I hope you know that. You have been here through it all. The up's, the down's but we also had some really good times. Remember when I tried to teach you guitar and you broke it? Really, I'm sorry but how do you break a guitar? If it were one string I would understand but you broke every single string! But that's okay beacause it was worth to see you smile. Your smile is so beautiful. Its like a bright star taken out of the sky and put in your mouth. Hehe, a mouth star.I'm sorry, let me get to the point. You are the best thing thats ever happened to me, and it hurts so much thinking I have to leave you. But hey, you get to live. You need a heart, and since you have already stolen mine, I figure that its only right that you get it for real. When we found out about your heart problems... We cried for days. We just stayed in bed holding eachother tight, assuring each other thay we would be okay. But it wasnt. And now here I am saving the real princess you are. The doctors are wheeling me into the sergery room now so I guess I have to go. I love you babe, and I hope you live a long,happy life. I cant wait to see you up in heaven. Hugs and kisses, Niall
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