Sad Story

Karla was found having heart problems when Niall finds out he's devistated. But Karla doesn't know that Niall is her heart doner.


4. Epilouge

*17 years later* Nialls age= 36 His princess' age=35 She lasted to be 35 I saw her die. It was the worst things I could ever experience I saw her car flip over the highway and roll down the cliff and explode. I cried even though it wasnt possible. I cried and cried until I felt someone hug me from behind. I turned and saw my princess here with me she smiled and thanked me for the most hurtful thing of leaving her alone for 17 years. I smiled and kissed her the kiss we've both been longing for. I missed her kiss her eyes I missed hugging her telling her 'i love you' but know we knew we we're together forever in heaven with the angels. THE END
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