Sad Story

Karla was found having heart problems when Niall finds out he's devistated. But Karla doesn't know that Niall is her heart doner.


6. Babe, wake up!!


  "NIALL! You have been asleep for a day! Babe, wake up!" I heard her say. "Princess? You are alive!! IM ALIVE!!!" I screamed bolting up. It was only a dream? A terrible dream. My princess is my one and only. "Nobody compares to yoouu." I pointed at her. "Niall, whats going on babe?" she asked. "I had a nightmare. You had heart problems, I was your doner. I died at 19, and you died later on and we reunited as angels!" I said. "Ni, whered you come up with that?" She asked. "Who knows, princess, Im just happy it was a dream!" I laughed. We held hands and walked out.

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