Sad Story

Karla was found having heart problems when Niall finds out he's devistated. But Karla doesn't know that Niall is her heart doner.


3. After sergury

Once I saw my princess out if sergery she smiled asked for me Louis put on a fake smile and said I went to nandos hah yeah right but his smile fell at that and broke down and cried when she saw that her smile fell and Harry gave her the letter I wrote to her. Her eyes were flowing with tears as she read through the letter when she was done reading she broke down and cried. I smiled sadly at her I wanted to reach out and comfort her but I knew it wasnt possible. Elenour let go of Louis for a bit and hugged her "Why did he do it?" she asked "For his princess he would do anything" He said the words I said before sergery. She looked up and whispered "I love you and I will never ever forget about you" She said and Zayn dragged her oit of the hospital.
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