Expect the unimaginable

Stuck at the o2 Arena after falling out with my mate after i admitted i hated One Direction(this is just the story's plotline i actually love one direction wait no more than love them tbh) she left me stranded my phones dead. The band have already left and the arena's closed. When i hear a sudden voice i stupidly decided to run and twisted my ankle, i started crying as i fell to the ground. An icy cold hand is on my shoulders and my reaction is to attack so i did as i turned around i see who it is. I wanted to scream but he stops me, helps me up and i turn to see if it really is. My ultimate idol is standing right beside me the boy i've loved since like his first youtube video... it was Justin Bieber.


3. Where'd she go?

I looked down and saw nothing until i felt a hand touch mine


'Shh, call me Sas,' her voice demanded

'Where'd ya go?' i asked

'I'm righ beside you,'

'I cant see you!' i demanded

'JUSTIN I KNOW YOUR IN HERE?' Chaz asked i was tempted to reply but didnt so i shuffled back a bit in attempt he wouldn't follow

'CHAZ!' Livy screeched making me jump


'COME AND FIND ME SMART GUY!' there was a slight tease in her voice



'Really?' Chaz sounded taken back

'NOW COME GET ME TURDDGER!' Livy screeched loud enough to wake the whole hotel

'FUCK UP!' Chaz warned

The rest of the conversation was blacked out by tiredness

'Just sleep bieber,' Sasha whispered quietly

'Where's Chaz and Livy?' I asked

'Just listen,'

So i listened... turns out she was crying because Ryan had dumped her because he found out that Chaz had a huge crush on her and also he had found somebody else called Iris.


Sasha's P.O.V

'Just listen,' I whispered quietly though Justin was nearly half sleeping and i was listening to a load of bullshit.

'Who's Iris?' I asked

'Our youngest bak up dancer she's 17 and Ryan's 19 but they've been dating/cheating behind Livy's back for ages now,' justin trailed off

'Guess she joined our game,'

10 minutes later

'Justin?' i asked

'Where'd ya go?'

'I don't know how to say this but you can't see me but i can see you, touch here,' i explained

'Wait your trying to say your invisible?' he asked

'Well sorta yeah isn't that normal?'


'How can you do that?' he hissed curiously

'My daddy taught me that,'

'Wait wasn't your dad a really myserious magician before he became a musician?'

'Well he wasn't actually a magician, he was how can i put this... a sort of Sorcerer...,'

I breathed out and a flashlight made justin stutter when he saw me,

'So your telling me you can do magic and it's in your blood well family?' he yawned seriously

'Just i'll tell you more later i dont thin kwe're playing hide and seek anymore i think it's more like who can fall alseep the faterst game now don't cha agree?'

I was cut off by a yawn and Justin falling onto the ground, i shivered a bit.

'Here take this,' Justin gave me his warm coat and then fell asleep, tired as i was i just moved away from him and he grabbed my hand letting me know not to go,

'Sash, don't leave,' he begged so i cuddled up with him and eventually fell asleep on his lap.

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