Expect the unimaginable

Stuck at the o2 Arena after falling out with my mate after i admitted i hated One Direction(this is just the story's plotline i actually love one direction wait no more than love them tbh) she left me stranded my phones dead. The band have already left and the arena's closed. When i hear a sudden voice i stupidly decided to run and twisted my ankle, i started crying as i fell to the ground. An icy cold hand is on my shoulders and my reaction is to attack so i did as i turned around i see who it is. I wanted to scream but he stops me, helps me up and i turn to see if it really is. My ultimate idol is standing right beside me the boy i've loved since like his first youtube video... it was Justin Bieber.


1. The Fight

Sasha's P.O.V


'Well guess what?' she quizzed

'Wh...,' i was interuppted with the car door slammed and locked in my face


'BYE NOW!' i happily screamed at her as she drove off

It was a late night in July it was sort of warm but not to warm, my name Sasha livingston, my mum and dad both died when i was 13 and i was left with their house and about £17 million in cash which i only got a week ago when i turned 18.

It was around 1am me and my best friend Lily had been arguing for nearly 2 hours and by the time we finished i knew what was gonna happen. She's a complete asshole to be honest i don't know how i stood her for nearly 14 years.

It was getting late, my phone was dead and the arena was closed, just then i heard loud echoy footsteps coming towards me and i got up off the ground and started to run, i wasn't looking where i was going and i tripped falling over an exposed root on a large tree,

'FUCK YOU TREE!' i shouted at it then i tried to run and screamed in pain... i had twisted my ankle

'Thanks alot,' i punched the tree and leaned down, started to cry letting the person who was following me know i was in pain. Then i felt a light tap on my shoulders and lifted my arms to whoever was touching me and then i heard a familiar voice,

'You wouldn't do that shawty, now would you,' i let go of their arms and wiped the tears away. I knew who it was straight from the voice

'I'm sorry, i just got scared, i ran and tripped over this stupid tree and twisted my ankle,' i whispered as i slowly was helped up, turning to see if it was really him.

'Hi, beautiful,' he said as i turned around

'J....J.....juss.......ttiinn!' i half yelled

'Shh. shawty i dont wanna get caught now whats the matter, y'know its like 2 in the morning aren't you meant to be at home?' he asked

'My parents are dead,' i blurted out

'Oh then why you here dressed all nice?'

'My friend ditched me,'

'Oh then that explains the hand mark on your face,' he laughed

'Wanna come back to the hotel with me?'

'Um sure,' i tried to walk straight but fell down again


'Shawty y'all gotta be careful if your going to fall again,' he winked


'Let me help you with your foot,' he smirked

'Oi watch where your touching me!' i slapped his hand away from my tit

'Sorry,' he blushed

As i walked with Justin to his hotel i gradually stopped limping but kept on doing it just incase he stopped holding me around my waist i was in cloud nine to be honest.

'Now, my mums in america and scooter's in room 257 down there justin pointed out and continued,

'Now ya gotta shush or else im gonna get in shit!' he winked as i walked into the penthouse room.


'It's massive,' i smiled

'I know right?' he agreed

'Yeah it's big, i'm not really tired if you ask me tbh,' i admitted

'Well then, want me to go find Chaz, Ryan and Olivia we can play hide n seek,' Justin smiled and i just nodded as he left the room with me that's when it clicked

'He doesn't even know my name!' i schreeched

So in a fangirly mood i whizzed around the room and stopped at Justin's bedroom, sort of tired i lay down on his bed and watched the fan swirl around making me very dizzy, in moments i was sleeping


Justin's P.O.V

'RYAN, CHAZ, LIVY!' i screeched down the premier inn's hallway knocking on their doors

'WATZ UP!' Ryan groaned


'I've got her, the one i showed you that picture of who's mum and dad are famous muscians for,' i laughed at him poking his cheeks

'oh that wee girl,' Livy laughed as Chaz came into view, his perfect hair was all messy an he looked like a fluffy polar bear with his onsie on

'So basically you have a fan in this hotel, in your room?' Chaz asked looking at me as Ryan explained while we walked to my room

'Basically,' i answered him as we walked through the door

'So what'd ya want us foo?' Livy smiled as Ryan lifted her bridal style as we walked to my room

'SASHA LIVI....NGston?' i just about screeched and saw her lying on my bed sleeping

'YO PIPSQUEAK!' Chaz yelled

'Fuck off, Aaron!' Sasha hit him a full dig in the face

'Ahhoww!' Chaz screamed at her and she straight away got up to see who moaned

'Hi Justin,' she smiled

'Your Ryan,' she pointed at him

'Your Chaz,' she looked at her punch mark on his cheek and smiled an evil grin

'Your Ryan's Girlfriend Olivia Calder or Livy as we call you.' Sasha pointed out each one of us correctly

'Sasha Kenedy Livingston,' I slapped her nose lightly

She blinked at me

'You know me?'

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