Expect the unimaginable

Stuck at the o2 Arena after falling out with my mate after i admitted i hated One Direction(this is just the story's plotline i actually love one direction wait no more than love them tbh) she left me stranded my phones dead. The band have already left and the arena's closed. When i hear a sudden voice i stupidly decided to run and twisted my ankle, i started crying as i fell to the ground. An icy cold hand is on my shoulders and my reaction is to attack so i did as i turned around i see who it is. I wanted to scream but he stops me, helps me up and i turn to see if it really is. My ultimate idol is standing right beside me the boy i've loved since like his first youtube video... it was Justin Bieber.


2. Hide n Seek

'How do i know you? Who doesnt your mum was Skylar Grey and your father was Logan Livingston, two of the greatest muscians alive Sasha,' we all chorused

'Oh right i forgot,' she laughed harshly then bursy into tears

'I thought we were going to play Hide and Seek,' Sasha looked at me and i saw curiousity in her eyes.

'I always get my way,' she laughed blinking the tears away

'Okay, Chaz your it,' i laughed catching him

'Oi no fair,' he glared at me

'Oh shut up and stop moaning your it thats fairest,' ryan explained

'its not everyday you play hide n seek with one of the biggest popstars alive everyday eh bieber?' Sasha laughed flicking her blonde hair out of her eyes i stood starstruck until ryan hit me a dig.

'Oi Bieber, hide he's nearly at 30 we have 70 seconds to go,'

'Oh thanks,' lifting Sasha up onto my shoulders, i ran out of my room along with livy and ryan only i changed directions and hid in the walk in wardrobe and set Sasha down.

'You ever, without asking me touch my ass when playing hide n seek again i swear you'll be sorry,' she hissed warningly

Then i heard Chaz's voice,


Sasha was about to speak again and i shut her up by putting my hand over her mouth, like a puppy she bit hard, then i let go, bitting my lips not wanting to scream, i looked at my hand and saw two large teeth marks with blood pouring out of them.

'I warned you bieber didn't i,' she whispered

'Yes!' i quietly squeaked in return

Hearing familiar footseps nearing the closet i changed poistion and we ran further into the room, Sasha just happily following.

'You okay there bieber?' she asked me

i nodded telling her to shush and she shup up

'I canhear you bieber!' Chaz warned


i laughed to myself nearly having a quiet fit. I looked down at Sasha...

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