Expect the unimaginable

Stuck at the o2 Arena after falling out with my mate after i admitted i hated One Direction(this is just the story's plotline i actually love one direction wait no more than love them tbh) she left me stranded my phones dead. The band have already left and the arena's closed. When i hear a sudden voice i stupidly decided to run and twisted my ankle, i started crying as i fell to the ground. An icy cold hand is on my shoulders and my reaction is to attack so i did as i turned around i see who it is. I wanted to scream but he stops me, helps me up and i turn to see if it really is. My ultimate idol is standing right beside me the boy i've loved since like his first youtube video... it was Justin Bieber.


4. Dream


Both woke up in a grassy area it want light but very dark because what stood before their shocked eyes was Sasha's mum and dad.

'Sasha and Justin, dears we have been sent to tell you how appreciated we are haing being trapped in Magicia for 5 years now that you two are together, hopefully you have realised that two very talented musicians such as ourselves can acheive so much yet bear so little at the same time. We want to thank you for setting us free, finally that we ghosts can now be set free and live a happy life now our unfinished buisness is done, but just to warn you Sasha as the only living and surviving sorcerer that you will be questioned from time to time throught dreams by various past magicians such as myself, warning you my little angel, bieber take good care of her won't you please she needs to watch herself, her music and vocal skills are beyond any musicians that have ever lived i taught her all my sorcery that she needs to know eg that invisibility skill you can also do, just believe and you will find you peace and be able to do so,'

'Angels we have limited time to speak just know we thank you so much, Sasha Kenedy Livingston please dear look out because when you sing you know what can happen just don't lose yourself too much we have to leave just warning there wil be a time you two will be stuck in Magicia its a wonder world full of grace and beauty but land on the worng side and every one of your music nightmares will hunt you until two fellow muscians unite just like us two but we died trying to save our daughter in the process of being stuck with us, just keep her safe please Justin now we both have to leave. Hopefully you will realise your purpose of being with each other because Sasha i am granting you the power to manipulate human minds into believing what you say or think but this is strong black magic, now we must be on our way Justin i grant you power to protect anybody you love and anybody who you hate will be sorry they crossed with you now children play safley and dont get into any mischieve see you soon in Magicia.'

With that they were both gone

'Justin...,' Sasha said


'They really meant in our launguage Thank you,'

'Is it because i kissed you they've been set free?'


Cut off by this Sasha saw justin move straight forward and kiss her...


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