One week at hogwarts

During the time that Hogwarts was being made from only the best wizards. Albus was thinking of how to make Hogwarts a safe place. Read and find out how everything fits together.


1. The Dogs!

 "HMMMMMMM" I whispered "How could i make Howarts a safe School?" i asked my self. "Maybe if i visted my old friend Hagret!" I smiled.

 "KNOCK KNOCK" He`s not home...of corse. I wonder to the back"

"ALBUS DOMBULDOR!" yelled Hagrat.

"Great to see you to but.... do you maybe have a large dog!'

"Albus im very sorry i just sold it.But i know there is one more. You can find it if you just follow that path!" said Hagrat.

So i did what i was told. All thought it took me some time to get there when i did there was nothing there. That when i heared snoring! I checked behind a rock and there it was not so big but meduim! Soon it became dark and soon i lost my was. The dog begain to cry!

 I never noticed that i fell asleep. I open my eyes the sun burning them like a fire. The dog was fast asleep as well. we walked and walked and soon hit HOGWARTS! I let him sleep in the celler because that was the only big area that was finished.

"HMMMMMMMM" What eles" i asked myself "DING" It hit me it had to be an emergency Troll. So i visted Hagrat again he told me he had a small one! So i went to go vist Snape someone who i could trust! 'Yes Albus?" Snape asked with no happyness." Would you ever to have some maybe a growing spell or maybe a drink?" i asked him" "indeed" he replied! so on you know what happens!


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