Everything will be okay? - One Direction (english)

Harry Styles has for some time been ill, neither his girlfriend nor the other boys could get him to the doctor. One day when the boys will play concert, lying Harry that he has gotten better. But Harry ends up passing out at the concert and will be in the hospital. At the hospital, you find out that he has lung cancer. Harry entering treatment, but will he survive? And what about the other boys how to take the whole situation?


5. Chapter 4

Laura's point of view


I wake up when there is a gentle reminder to me. The first thing I see when I opened my eyes are Harry's eyes . "Why are you crying baby? " He asks. It is only then that it dawns on me that I cry . " I had a horrible dream that you did not survive . " say i and wiping my eyes. " Of course I will survive " says Harry and hug me .


I sit up in bed so I can get up, so Harry can get some more place, it is just his bed. As I have step up, I turn to Harry and says " I go down and get breakfast, do you want anything?" "No thanks, I 'm not hungry " "Can you try to eat something,  you are becoming thin. It may also be that you feel better if you eat " " if you take some food to me , I try to eat a little . " " Okay I 'll be right back . " When I told that I am leaving Harry's room and go to the nearest cafe , where I can buy some food.


When I step into Harry's room again , looking all on me , and when I say everyone I mean the other boys , Julie M and Caroline . I ignore their eyes and go over to Harry and gives him his yogurt. So sit I next to him and eat my food . When I'm done , I look over at Harry and sees that he has eaten a bit of yogurt . It makes me smile because he has become too thin after he has eaten recently.


Louis perspective


I look toward the door when Laura enters. I can see that she's been down and pick up food, but there is more food than she can eat, so I expect that she also took food to Harry . Laura gives Harry a small bowl with something similar yogurt. As Harry begins to eat , there will be a smile on my lips . It's great that he has started to eat again , so he can go on .


As I sat and looked over at Harry , I turn around towards Liam and Niall again and begins and talk with them. When we sit and talk about what to do at the next concert , we must keep in the morning, calling Liam phone. He gets up and leaves the room .


Liam's point of view


I sit and talk with Louis and Niall about our next concert , when my phone starts ring. I get up to leave the room before I take it.


"It's Liam . " I say as I take it. "Hey Liam , it's Paul . " "Hey Paul . " " How's Harry ? ' " He has eaten some food this morning , so it is moving forward . " " That's good. I'll call to tell you that the need to tell the press what happened to Harry . " " When do you want us to tell it ? " " If you telling it this afternoon, as there will be many photographers outside the hospital. " " okay, I'll go in and talk to the others about it. " "Can you see if you can get Harry with out , so people can see what he looks like ? " " I'll talk to a doctor about if we can get him out " " it's okay , I'll see you soon " 


I'm coming in to when other again , I go and sit down at Louis, Niall , Julie W and Tanja . I once just to put my phone in my pocket, when Niall asks " Who was calling ? " " It was Paul, he will say that we need to talk to the press about what happens to Harry . He suggested that we should see if we can get him out when we tell it. " When do we tell ? " It was Louis 's turn to ask. " He suggested that we tell it to dinner. I just want to find a doctor , so we can know we have to take him out a little , so people can see what he looks like . "When I said the last thing I rise again , to find a doctor.

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