Everything will be okay? - One Direction (english)

Harry Styles has for some time been ill, neither his girlfriend nor the other boys could get him to the doctor. One day when the boys will play concert, lying Harry that he has gotten better. But Harry ends up passing out at the concert and will be in the hospital. At the hospital, you find out that he has lung cancer. Harry entering treatment, but will he survive? And what about the other boys how to take the whole situation?


4. Chapter 3


Lauras point of view.

Im just Came to the room Harry is in. He lying in one bed and he's quite pale. I walk over to him, so I can take he's hand, but it's very cold. I hold he's hand and sit down in the chair Liam had put over to me. On the other side of the bed sit Anne and hold Harry's other hand. 

Harry is just wake up. "How are you?" I ask him. "I feel good, so can we please go home now?" He answers me. So I explain to him, that he have leukemia. Harry start cry when I have said that he is sick and the doctors don't know when he be well again. I pull Harry into a hug. He move at him, so I can lay in the bed with him. I lay me gently at him, as he is about to fell asleep, there came a doctor in and say they need him to some tests, so they can see how sick he is. The doctor ask us to go out, but Harry hold my hand and he don't want to let me go, so he says that he want me to be with him. I look over to the doctor to find out if is okay I stay. She nods to me, and I sit down next to Harry again. 

 Louis point of view

Harry is just wake up. He ask Laura to come home again, but Laura say he's sick and have leukemia, sp he can't go home. Harry start to cry, every time Harry cry I get tears in my eyes. Niall came over and hug me. When he pulls out of the hug, came there a doctor in the room. She explain to Harry that they have to make some tests on him, so they can see how sick he is. She ask us to leave the room, I look over to Laura so I can take her out, but Harry hold her hand and he don't want to let her go. I loon over at the doctor who nods to Laura that she can stay in the room. I go out to the other boys there talk with Anne. When I came over to them, looking Zayn at me and ask if I want to go with them home. I say no, but ask them to came with some food before they go. Niall start go, so I think he's hungry and he will bring some food up. 

Niall has came back with food. So right now I sit mad eat with Anne. Harry is still not Finnish with the tests, and it's over one hour ago since they start. 
The door into Harry's room oping up and out came the doktor. She go over to us and stand before she say "i Can go into he's room again now." I stand up and go to he's room with the other boys and Anna. The boys says bye to Harry and Laura, and she ask me to call when the results came. 

I sit down and start write with Tanja. She is very worried about Harry, so I ask her to come at the hospital, so she can talk with him, but also she can comforts Laura. I also writ to Julie M, so she also can come and support Harry, because I know they have a good relationship. 
 Julie M and Tanja is just came, they sit and talk with Harry and Laura. I a little away from them and talk to Anne. Anne has not stop cry since it was said that Harry is sick, so she have hit called Gemma. When I have sit with Anne a little, then I go, so I can talk with Gemma. Before I out of the room Harry ask "where are you going?" "I just call Gemma, because she don't know that you are at the hospital. 
"It's Gemma" say Gemma, when she takes her phone. "It's Louis" answer I. "What's up Louis, how it's going?" "I call you to tell, that Harry at the hospital, because he has leukemia." Gemma start cry. "I came at the hospital now, know my mum that?" Ask she. "Yes she sit here." "Okay, I will see you in a minute." Sniffs Gemma and hangs up. 

Gamma walks in the door and go over to Harry, so she can hug him, after that she hug Anne. Gemma sit down and talk with Anne, I talk with Tanja and Julie and Harry and Laura lay down I Harry's bed. After 10 minutes they both sleep in while holding each other. 

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