Everything will be okay? - One Direction (english)

Harry Styles has for some time been ill, neither his girlfriend nor the other boys could get him to the doctor. One day when the boys will play concert, lying Harry that he has gotten better. But Harry ends up passing out at the concert and will be in the hospital. At the hospital, you find out that he has lung cancer. Harry entering treatment, but will he survive? And what about the other boys how to take the whole situation?


3. Chapter 2

Lauras point of view

We are just come at the hospital, and Harry are in a room. They have said to us we have to wait in the waiting room, so we did not get in the way. I sit up by Louis, so he can hold around me, because I not stop cry since I came up on the stage to him. 

When the other boys came, they all hug me, and say he will be okay again. They boys sit down and talk. I go out and call Harry's mom Anne, so she can come at the hospital. Anne takes the phone and I start cry again. She ask me what is wrong, about Harry has do something with me or I have been sick. When she say sick, start I cry higher, so Liam take the phone and talk with Anne and Niall hug me. Liam finish the talk and say " Anne is on the way"
Anne is just came, she give me a hug and say hallo to the boys. 5 minutter after came a doctor in to the room and ask Louis to come with her. 

Louis point of view 

Anne is just came. She start hug Laura and so she say hallo to me and the boys. After 5 minutter came there a doctor. She asking me to follow her, so she can talk with me, where there is no other people. We go into a room and she say "Harry is really sick" "I thought he was healthy, he said that earlier" "he is not well, and I can't promise that he will be that" answer she me. When she says that Last there came tears in my eyes." what do you mean about that?" Ask I. " He have leukemia, we have to make some test a him when he wake up, so we can see how bat it is." I can't hold my tears inside more, so I start cry. " thanks for the help, when can we see him?" "You can go to his room. I don't the gangen" "thanks" I go out to the other again, the look all at me. Like they expect I say something. When I don't say something Liam ask "what would the doctor?" "She said Harry is really sick, and the don't know about he being healthy again." "What's wrong with him?" Ask Niall. "He have leukemia." I can hear Anne and Laura start cry. "We can go to he's room I you want." We all go to he's room. 

Laura's point of view 

Louis came back, I can see he has cry, so I except he want to say what's happened, but he just stand and look at us. After some time Liam ask" what would the doctor?" " She said Harry is really sick, and the don't know about he being healthy again." I can feel tears in my eyes again. "What's wrong with him?" Ask Niall. "He have leukemia." When Louis say that I start crying again. When I have cry a little there is one there asking me to go to Harry's room. I stand up and start go. 


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