Everything will be okay? - One Direction (english)

Harry Styles has for some time been ill, neither his girlfriend nor the other boys could get him to the doctor. One day when the boys will play concert, lying Harry that he has gotten better. But Harry ends up passing out at the concert and will be in the hospital. At the hospital, you find out that he has lung cancer. Harry entering treatment, but will he survive? And what about the other boys how to take the whole situation?


2. Chapter 1

Laura's point of view

Harry has long been ill. He felt bad, he will not eat when I or one of the other boys come with food for him. I am very worried about him, I have repeatedly tried to get him to the doctor so that he can be checked, but he will not because he says that he will soon be well again. I just walked in the door at home by Harry, I visit him everyday to see if he has gotten better. It has not gone forward along, and it makes me more worried. I have tried to get him to talk to Louis and Julie, but it does not help. When I walk into Harry's room, he stands fully clothed. "What do you honey?" I ask him. "I will play a concert with the other boys in a few hours." "Are you sure that you are healthy it?" "Yes, I feel much better." I go to him to mark on his forehead, as I feel if he still has a fever, because if he has a fever, I would not want him to go with the concert. When I stand in front of Harry and about to lift my hand up to his forehead, he grabs my hand and hold the button, as if he did not want me to feel his forehead. Since we have been a bit he asks "should we look to get going, so I'm not late for my concert?" "Yes, but you have to promise me that if you feel bad, you should come and say it to me, so you can get to the doctor "" I promise, but then we also run now. "

We drive to where the concert is held. As we enter, the other boy surprised. I do not think that Harry has told them that he would come tonight. All the boys come over and hug him. Louis comes over to hug me when we stand hugged he whispers "it is you who have given him permission to play tonight?" "No, he was wearing clothes when I came home to him and when I would feel on his forehead, he would not let me do it. He has promised me that if he gets hurt, he says it to me so we can get to the doctor. "

The boys just ran onto the stage to play. You can clearly hear the fans not figured that Harry would be here tonight, but it's just good that he has gotten better, so he can start playing again. The boys have played a few songs now, Harry looks happy, and I am happy. For I have not felt this good to keep him from what he loves to do. One can also see that the other boys give it a little extra in the evening when they have not been happy in the past, when Harry means a lot to them. Meanwhile, the boys singing comes a go and keeps me on the eyes. When I get removed his hands, I turn around and see Tanja, Caroline, Julie W, Julie M and Cecilie. I give them all a big hug, because it is a long time since I last saw them. I ask for them, and they ask about me. "How are you Harry?" Asks Caroline. "He says that he is well again, it is also there that he plays tonight." I reply. Just as I have said to complete a sentence, Louis races out to me and tells me to come with into the scene when Harry is so on. I run into on stage with Louis behind me. When I get to where Harry is, are the other boys around him. The shaking him, calling him and takes water in his head to get him to wake up. I start to cry, so Liam comes up to me and said that he called an ambulance. I do more together, so he pulls me into a hug. Shortly after I come into someone else's arms, I look up and see that it is Julie M. She cries even. When the ambulance comes, we are asked to move us, so Harry can come up on a stretcher. Harry has come up on the stretcher and is being driven out of the ambulance. I get to run with Louis. Louis sits and keeps on me all the way to the hospital.

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